The Hof-Haus – a country house in the middle of the big city

from studio intersection

modern architecture - a wooden facade

That Courtyard house is a residence that has been converted from a warehouse into a cozy modern building by the Canadian architects at the Studio Crossing. It is located in an industrial district in Toronto. The clients also work as architects in the same office. You asked your colleagues to design a dream home for you and your two children.

A country house in the middle of the big city

a modern construction in the city - landscaping

Redesigning a space that was actually built for a completely different purpose is not an easy task. In this unfriendly environment, the architects tried one Courtyard house, that offers more privacy for the parents and security for the children, and at the same time remains open to nature to design. This was achieved by designing the building as a small world ‘that is protected from the streets and more open to nature itself. The use of natural materials like wood for that Courtyard house and the stone for the outdoor spaces help to create this pleasant ambience. The warm interior is inviting, while the green, sunny courtyard and terrace promise a day in nature.

The courtyard house modern interior design

modern interior - living room with wooden details

That Courtyard house can be divided into two parts: living area and office space. The living area has two floor levels. The ground floor provides entrance to both parts of the house. After entering the building through the main entrance, walk into a small entrance hall before entering the open plan living room. The living area includes a small office, kitchen, dining room and living room. The room is seamlessly connected to a large, sunny courtyard that is placed between the two components of the house.

modern interior - Kabinet

The upper level has an interesting floor plan containing the bedrooms, bathroom and laundry room. It also has a glass terrace. Part of the terrace casts shadows on the office area below. Both the terrace and the courtyard provide a spacious playground for the children and a space where the parents can relax. An extraordinary, but surprisingly well-done modern architecture that offers security and comfort – a Courtyard house in the middle of the big city.

By K.H. Christova

a modern house from Japan - facade

modern architecture - interior design with wooden stairs