The Guanabanos House is a modern classic

Designed by Taller Hector Barroso from Mexico

 modern house design stone facade

The beautiful Guanabano’s house is located in Mexico City. A glorious combination of metal and concrete, this minimalist house is a harmonious and balanced composition of simple rectangular shapes. Thanks to the light metal construction, the heavy concrete looks as if it were weightless. Solid glass walls visually connect the interior with the exterior.

The Guanabanos House – an example of minimalist architecture

modern minimalist house - gardenThe different shapes create an asymmetrical minimalist house design. The facade is clad in stone, the neutral color of which contrasts with the black window frames. This play with colors serves as a unique decoration and is exciting. To that Guanabano’s house a courtyard has been prepared, which has been abundantly planted. The green plants are a counterpoint to the geometric structure of the building. A tastefully designed path leads to an outdoor swimming pool. Unprocessed stone makes the garden look wild and natural.

Modern and exciting house design – the Guanabanos house

modern dining room with wooden table

The beautiful surroundings also come in Guanabano’s house show off well. High quality textures and materials ensure that the interior is luxuriously furnished. The frameless windows create an interesting effect – nature sees as a picture, as part of the house, and not as a carefully designed outdoor area. There is a fresh and cheerful atmosphere in the minimalist house. A neutral color scheme with dark highlights connects the exterior with the interior design. Many works of art and elegant furniture are combined in an impressive way, so that an eclectic interior is created that gives the Guanabano’s house an unmistakable character.

From Jaz

modern red sofa and art in the living room

colored accents in the living room

modern interior in minimalist house

modern house - interior design

modern garden lighting in a minimalist house

modern glass facade -night

modern house design - minimalist courtyard