The futuristic house in California

Designed by Christopher Daniel

futuristic design - white facade

Korean designer Christopher Daniel designed this incredible house called the California Roll House. The project represents a futuristic house, which was built from prefabricated parts and is suitable for dry weather. The main idea behind this innovative design is to use the new materials and technology to create an ultra modern, energy efficient home.

The futuristic house – an innovative design

exciting minimalistic design

The house construction has some characteristic features that can be used to recognize it. The innovative, flexible design enables a conversion – that futuristic house can be rolled in and out. When it is ‘wrapped up, walls and roof are created that protect the interior. The material from which the house was built reflects heat from the sun, thus saving energy. The ‘shell‘ surrounds the whole building with the exception of the two glass walls. The transparency of the glass facade can be adjusted electronically. That futuristic house is supported by a structure reinforced with carbon fibers.

A futuristic house in California

elegant glass facade - futuristic exterior design

futuristic stairs outdoors

That futuristic house consists of two floors accessible by an open staircase. The front door opens automatically and a spacious living area reveals itself. On the first floor there is the kitchen, dining room and living room with an extremely minimalist design. Modern stairs lead to the second floor and the bedrooms. All interiors are painted in white. Sunlight comes through the glass facade and other small openings in the ‘shell‘. A modern system illuminates the futuristic house and makes it seem almost extraterrestrial.

By K.H. Christova

modern minimalist house with futuristic design

modern minimalistic house design

modern futuristic facade

modern white facade

modern futuristic automatic door

futuristic design

modern lighting in the futuristic house

futuristic lighting

modern futuristic interior

modern minimalist interior