The dancing dragons in Seoul – two towers with an innovative design


The Dancing Dragons are one of the final projects that will define the Seoul skyline. The modern ones Towers impress with an elegant construction and compact functions – they offer living space, advertising space and will accommodate many restaurants.

Two modern ones Towers in Seoul

Skyscraper Adrian Smith Gordon Gill Architecture

The project was created as a collaboration between two partners – Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill Architektur. Together you have the two Towers designed and realized. The pair of skyscrapers is located in the busy city center, on the north bank of the Han River. The dancing dragon project is part of the modernization plan for the Yongsan business district in Seoul.

Concept and construction of the two towers


The two Towers – the dancing dragons – are located side by side in the center of Yongsan District. They are very similar and offer similar looks, although not completely identical. The taller skyscraper of the couple is over 450 tall. The two have glass bowls made of environmentally friendly materials and with original colored lighting. The construction has a segment in the center and several that resemble wings. An interesting solution with regard to ventilation is that bars are installed between the glass panels so that ventilation can take place. Large chandeliers on each building will illuminate the construction.

Two interesting skyscrapers in Seoul


the Towers Not only do they look futuristic, they are a nice addition to the city center and offer additional space for shops – the first floor will house an enormous shopping mall, while the remaining 400 floors will provide living space. This makes it the largest construction project in South Korea – with the project expected to be completed in 2024. The facade of the two buildings has an exotic look and will reflect the sunlight, which will completely change the entire district. The construction for the dancing dragons consists of eight enormous columns that vertically surround the two towers. An innovative design, which has already been patented, will support the ‘wings. The project is definitive proof that Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill Architektur developed a unique design.


The dancing dragons in Seoul

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