Terrace roofing made of wood creates a unique interplay of light and shadow

terrace wood modern patio roof rafters polycarbonate sheet

In 2016 the architects András Varsányi, Péter Pozsár and Norbert Vas designed a project for a typical farmhouse with a modern touch. The new house was built in place of an old farm in the middle of an acacia forest. The orientation of the new building corresponds to that of the old building – a three-sided courtyard with a large inner courtyard. A particular highlight in the design is the wooden patio roof that was erected between the individual buildings.

Terrace covering made of wood with an impressive design

Terrace roofing wood geometric structure

The unique patio roof consists of rafters that are paired with a polycarbonate sheet, creating an interesting interplay of light and shadow. In the small village of Algyő in the Great Hungarian Plain, this project has taken the layout of a traditional Hungarian farm and interpreted it in a modern way. It is a three-sided courtyard that is located between the trees in an acacia forest. The areas of the farm that were no longer needed were redesigned by the architects according to the needs of the customers. For example, what used to be stables to store animals or maize are now garages.

terrace roofing wood modern polycarbonate combine

Another interesting decision by the architects was to replace part of the interior with a spacious terrace. As a result, the three-sided courtyard is actually divided into four buildings. The newly designed terrace is located in a corner section between three separate buildings. One side remains completely open to the forest behind the house and offers beautiful views of nature.

Terrace roofing made of wood and steel, rain protection polycarbonate

A special feature of the cozy outdoor area is the wooden patio roof. It looks like an extension of the gable roof, of which only the rafters remain. In order to protect the outside space from bad weather, a polycarbonate plate was also installed on the terrace roof. In this way, the seating area is protected when it rains, with a wonderful play of light and shadow emerging when the sun is shining.

Rural meets urban – the classic farmhouse is interpreted in a modern way

modern farmhouse classic pitched roof courtyard

In this project, the architects from Hungary reinterpreted the typical farmhouse. They kept the classic shape of the buildings and added some modern elements. Except for the small annex in the form of a white cube, all individual buildings are clad with wood. Instead of the usual windows, the outer walls are fitted with sliding glass doors. These can be opened completely onto the inner courtyard, creating a seamless transition between inside and outside. The yard itself is also different from the classic farm garden and is laid with several wooden decks at different heights. A small pool adds the element of water to the design.

farmhouse inside outside sliding glass doors transition

As far as the interior is concerned, there is almost nothing left of the classic farmhouse in the interior. The interior has a modern, urban style and is thus in contrast to the exterior of the house.

In the picture gallery you can get an overview of the architecture and interior design of this modern farmhouse in Hungary.

interior design modern farmhouse partition wall wood

living area design modern traditional elements wood partition

open living room modern kitchen living area dining room

modern farmhouse interior design bright colors

farmhouse modern interior hanging lights open living space

rural meets urban farmhouse modern interior design

kitchen kitchen island blue pendant light industrial design

farmhouse cultivation corridor glazing bird silhouette panes of glass birdproof

hallway design modern white walls hallway furniture wood white lacquer

library design unique wooden bookcases small patio

hallway glass walls bird protection bird silhouettes

bedroom design wood patterned wall modern farmhouse

children's room design modern light parquet white walls

gray wall floor tiles bathroom narrow window view

living in nature farmhouse in acacia forest

modern farmhouse garage driveway

Replace modern farmhouse stall with garages

modern farmhouse wooden facade vertical

modern farmhouse wooden facade gable roof

modern farmhouse large courtyard wooden deck

farmhouse modern design glass walls

modern farmhouse three-sided courtyard building vertical wooden facade

Farmhouse modern meets traditional

farmhouse in the middle of acacia forest live in the countryside

modern farmhouse sliding glass doors steel frame black

three-sided farmhouse modern courtyard design

inner courtyard design modern wooden decks of different heights

farmhouse design modern courtyard wooden deck

farmhouse design modern touch courtyard wooden decks pool

wooden terrace roofing farmhouse interpreted in a modern way

covered terrace terrace roof wood polycarbonate

Terrace roofing wood terrace wood deck modern

Wooden patio cover between three farmhouse buildings

terrace roofing made of wood between buildings light effects

terrace roofing wood steel geometric design

Terrace roofing made of wood and polycarbonate interplay between light and shade

farmhouse terrace roofing wood view forest

terrace roofing made of wood protected seating area

patio roofing wood modern farmhouse design

farmhouse modern architecture cultivation cube white

modern farmhouse extension white cube library

white cube extension library sliding glass doors

house library modern outlook nature

modern farmhouse in the forest hungary

terrace wood roofing between buildings farmhouse modern

modern architecture farmhouse three-sided courtyard garden

acacia forest farmhouse retreat between trees

modern farmhouse floor plan three-sided farm extension

architectural section farmhouse project hungary

A project by the architects András Varsányi, Péter Pozsár and Norbert Vas

Photos by Tamás Bujnovszky