Sun protection ideas for energy-saving cooling in the house

Sun protection ideas roof terrace-dining area-planter-tree

Due to the drastic increase in urbanization, free living space is becoming more and more of a problem for the population in the cities of Vietnam. This is especially true for the big cities. The solution is usually houses with an elongated shape that use the free space on the upper levels as living space. The result, however, is usually a living area with poor ventilation, in which the heat becomes a problem. Architects therefore face major challenges in counteracting this problem. However, a perfect design was implemented by Cong Sinh Architects. They used different ones, among other things Sun protection ideas, to ensure living comfort.

Sun protection ideas for energy-efficient living

Sun protection ideas corridor-design-stones-wall-holes-glass-doors

The sun protection ideas are made up of different elements. This includes natural variants such as many plants, as well as constructions in the architecture of the house. Built-in holes in the walls with a decorative effect allow the right amount of sunlight to penetrate the interior spaces. These elements were adapted to the natural course of the sun.

Sun protection ideas for a cool climate

sun protection ideas pool-design-whirlpool-pebble-deco-stepping stones

The sun protection ideas keep the house cool and in this way protect the environment, avoiding energy-consuming air conditioning systems. Fresh air is guaranteed by the shady plants. These are distributed in all areas of the house. Ventilation is achieved through the two open facades. The air can thus circulate perfectly through the house and leave it again via the roof.

Modern interior design

Sun protection ideas kitchen-wood-brown-modern-style-dining area

Since the house with effective sun protection ideas should accommodate several generations, areas have been designed for each of them. The front garden and back yard, as well as the terrace, provide relaxation for the adults, while the children get variety thanks to the modern pool. The adults in the house take care of the plants and bring the whole family closer to nature.

Translucent sun protection

Sun protection-ideas-transparent-ceiling-glass railing-inspiration-interior


Sun protection-ideas-climbing plants-hall-bedroom-wooden-door

Translucent wooden slat design

sun protection-ideas-grille-design-garage-daylight-bright-rooms

Entrance area with a swing

Sun protection-ideas-lounge-swing-modern-concrete-white-walls

White wall design

sun protection-ideas-staircase-spiral-shape-wall-perforated

Elements made of wood

Sun protection-ideas-spiral-stairs-wooden-handrail-steps

Nice privacy and sun protection

Sun protection-ideas-privacy-protection-slats-recessed-lights-entrance-area-hallway

Minimalistic design

Sun protection-ideas-facade-vietnam-white-big-city-architecture

White facade and sun protection ideas

sun protection-ideas-minimalism-balcony-garage-plants-air

Illumination of the house from the outside


Many plants

sun protection-ideas-roofing-modern-indirect-lighting-outdoor

Ground floor plan

sun-protection-ideas-first-floor-floor plan-single-family home

Second floor

sun protection-ideas-dream-house-design-second-floor-floor plan

Third floor

sun protection-ideas-stimulation-third-floor-floor plan-room-distribution

Fourth floor

sun protection-ideas-project-architecture-energy-efficient-fourth-floor-narrow

The roof

Sun protection-ideas-roof-terrace-greening-floor plan-inspiration

Design by Cong Sinh Architects.