Studying architecture in Germany – list of renowned universities


Germany is home to more than 300 higher education institutions. German training in all areas is considered to be one of the best. It is based on a system that perfectly combines academic knowledge with progressive research. In the first and second year of study, students gain scientific and analytical skills in their chosen area of ​​study. After that, they develop a profound knowledge and understanding in their chosen area. German universities are always rated as world class. The fact that 7 German universities are among the top 200 in the world speaks volumes about the quality of teaching and research. Here you can find the list of the best universities in Germany for Architecture studies.

Architecture studies at the RWTH Aachen, Faculty of Architecture


the RWTH Aachen is a recognized research university. It is a renowned university and one of the nine German “excellence universities”. The university has a high rate of international students and an ideal location because of its proximity to Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. RWTH Aachen offers both Bachelor and Master in Architecture after the Architecture studies. The five main areas of Architecture studies at the university include culture and history, design and visualization, engineering, construction and urban planning.

Architecture studies at the Bauhaus University Weimar, Faculty of Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning


Bauhaus University in Weimar is one of the most influential architecture, design and art schools in the modern world. The original Bauhaus School opened in 1919 with the aim of closing the gap between art, production and modern technology.

The Bauhaus University (Bauhaus Universität Weimar) offers both bachelor and master degrees in architecture, along with programs dealing with European urban studies and architectural engineering. The architecture degree tends to focus on design, with the academic foundations of architecture forming a solid background. Upon graduation, students receive a generally recognized diploma. The university promotes active student exchanges and has partnerships with more than 30 international universities.

TU Braunschweig, Department of Architecture

university-braunschweig-faculty-architecture-civil engineering-environmental sciences

The Technical University of Braunschweig gives students the opportunity to experiment and develop. That Architecture studies offers a wide range of subjects – including architecture, building and urban history; Industrial construction and constructive design; Building theory and design; Urban planning and landscape architecture. The university prides itself on the creative atmosphere created in its Drawing roomsn.

TU Berlin, Department of Architecture


The Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin) is one of the largest universities in Germany and has the highest proportion of foreign students. Eight Nobel Prize winners were students or professors at this university. That Architecture studies offers different types of courses, from lectures and seminars to integrated projects to develop specialized skills. 140 students are accepted each semester depending on qualifications and waiting time. The Technical University of Berlin also offers a master’s degree.

University of the Arts Berlin, Design department


The Berlin University of the Arts is one of the few art colleges in Germany that has achieved university status and is also one of the largest art institutions in the world. This institution focuses on the creative arts and integrates the study with creative methods in architecture. All students and professors view architecture as “art” rather than “science”. Students are encouraged to be experimental when it comes to practical work and studying art subjects in their architecture degree. That Architecture studies contains both the theory behind architecture as well as the exploration of image and space. In addition, students learn about urban planning, taking into account architecture in the context of society. Students who complete the UDK Berlin have the opportunity to do a doctorate in engineering.

TU Cottbus, Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering


TU Cottbus-Faculty-Architecture-Civil Engineering

Although established in the late 1980s, this institution has evolved to specialize in various fields, including architecture, and offers Bachelor of Science programs. The university wants to impart such skills to the students so that they can be employed in top architecture firms. The students’ ideas are used in projects in collaboration with professional architects. That Architecture studies achieved to foster the student’s sense of the architecture industry as a whole, with future architects taking responsibility for our environment. The bachelor’s degree programs are architecture, civil engineering, urban and regional planning.

TU Darmstadt, Department of Architecture

Darmstadt University of Technology

The Technical University of Darmstadt was founded in 1836. The university has a long history, but it keeps up with the latest trends in the world of architecture. That Architecture studies takes 6 semesters for Bachelor and 4 semesters for Masters in Architecture. In the “Darmstadt Model” one looks at the architecture as a unit of building construction and urban planning . The focus is on promoting creativity.

University of Kaiserslautern – Department of architecture, spatial and environmental planning, civil engineering


The technical university in Kaiserslautern attaches great importance to the excellent support for the students and the extensive range of courses. That Architecture studies is divided into three parts – construction, shape and context. First the basics are laid and then built on. Future architects can do internships abroad during their studies. Numerous events, exhibitions, sports team, music and theater groups are also available.

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Faculty of Architecture


University of Karlsruhe was founded in 1825. Architecture students benefit from an excellent, wide-ranging, practice-oriented study program. At the faculty, knowledge of art history and the master’s degree in renovation of old buildings are also imparted. After the winter semester 2009/2010, the program of the Bachelor / Master course in architecture was changed and a completely new course of study was constructed. The faculty also promotes research projects that are closely related to teaching and are highly regarded.

University of Stuttgart, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning

university-stuttgart-architecture-urban planning

The Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning contains 15 institutes that encompass different areas of the study, including the Institute for Building Construction, Institute for Computational Design and the Institute for Spatial Concept and Fundamentals of Design. Around a quarter of the students come from Europe and non-European countries. The curriculum includes technical skills, artistic design, building technology and the impact of architecture on society. The faculty has one of the most extensive programs in Germany. Students can enroll for an eight-semester international bachelor’s degree.

TU Munich, Faculty of Architecture


TUM is a recognized university in Germany that offers unique disciplines and advanced courses in architecture. Like ClimaDesign, which trains professional architects and engineers how to design sustainable buildings through an understanding of energy concepts and building aerodynamics. As well as an independent course in restoration, art technology and conservation science. The Technical University of Munich (TU Munich) also offers traditional Bachelor and Master degrees in architecture. The knowledge is conveyed holistically, through the cooperation between all institutes of the university – architecture, art and urban planning. TUM has the option of registering for lectures in whole or in part in English. Students should be high achievers and hard workers. In addition to the 4-year Bachelor of Arts and the subsequent 2-year Master of Arts course, there are also additional qualifications.

lehre-current-TU-Berlin-building construction-design

Architecture studies at the HafenCity University Hamburg (HCU)


The basis of the architecture studies at the HafenCity University Hamburg is the design, its development and architectural implementation in the real environment. A wide range of subjects awaits the students and there are many opportunities to cooperate with experts and lecturers from the industry. After completing the bachelor’s degree, the graduates should be theoretically prepared for professional practice and plan and design upcoming projects in a team. The architecture course offers accompanying humanities and cultural studies subjects that promote the reflective, communicative and creative-artistic skills of the students. The university also offers a master’s course.

Learning about contemporary design and planning – architecture studies at the HafenCity Universityt Hamburg


TU Muenchen machine building building