Striking interior design of a health center in China

China Healing Center Club Design One Taste

the Interior design public spaces can be described as pure and not particularly conspicuous. The Chinese can be proud of another unique architectural masterpiece. We recommend that you take a quick look at the photos below to get the right impression of this extraordinarily interesting design. The One Taste health center in China is actually a private club for leisure activities and can boast of a huge number of participants.

Innovations in interior design

Interior design wood wall covering seating area

The amazing project was created through the collaboration of professional teams from Crox International Co and LTD Architecture. The basic idea behind the planning was to arrange a peaceful, pleasant and inspiring atmosphere for relaxation and refreshment in the inner world as well. The club is close to nature so you can really calm down and find inner peace. If you don’t feel well psychologically, then you should listen to your inner voice. In most cases she whispers softly in your ear that one should return to nature. Here you could spend some great creative hours Interior design and enjoy the breathtaking view or a mysterious cup of tea.

Magnificent interior design – cozy room ambience

Furnish living space-giant windows

As I said, the main principle of this Interior design-Meisterwerk was the environmentally friendly idea for balance between man and nature. The impressive interior was made of wood and stone. The talented designers offer an extremely interesting interior design based on the convex-concave principle. Space and cosiness can be felt everywhere in the interior.

Interior design of public buildings

Wood interiors shape faucet

Not only the calming atmosphere is with the Interior design significant. The original idea for the healing center lies in the large open spaces. The garden is full of flowers and plants. The designers at the holistic health center One Taste in China state that the location of the building is indeed of the greatest concern. The club offers a fascinating view of the lake, of the nearby mountain range, of valleys and meadows.

Find inner peace – One Taste health center

Health Center Interior Design China

The from Crox International Co and LTD Architecture created beautiful Interior design aims to bring nature back into the interior. The designers believe that the physical and psychological discomfort among people lies in their tendency to distance themselves from nature. People from modern society have long since got used to observing and admiring beautiful nature from a distance, but this separation gives them the chance to clearly see how wonderful our planet actually is.

Holistic Health Center in China One Taste

Sitting area Asian style sofa set

Designing public spaces – healing center

China-One Taste Club Health Center

Modern interior

modern decor-green armchair ceiling lighting

Decorative ceiling lighting

Lighting system facility

Wooden wall panels – decorative wall design

Wood wall panels design

Wooden wall covering

decorative wooden wall

Terrace design – stone and wood

modern architecture wood terrace design