Spiral staircase for 6,000 books – modern architecture from Portugal

Modern architecture from Portugal

Spiral staircase for books - modern architecture from Portugal

this is a Spiral staircase to heaven for the book lover. Here is one of the architect’s finest modern architectural samples Manuel Maia Gomes from Portugal shown. This beautiful Spiral staircase is the central characteristic of the House Antero de Quental. Its uniqueness, style and beauty are striking.

the stairway harmonizes perfectly with the rest of the house. It’s the way up to the second floor. The minimalist interior reinforces this spiral, innovative architecture. The warm wood details are a wonderful feature of the design Spiral staircase and give it the finishing touches.

Spiral staircase for up to 6000 books

Spiral staircase for books in Portugal

These Spiral staircase is built in a very special way, so that the atmosphere is inviting and the view is directed to the breathtaking interior. Along the stairs there are shelves made of clear plexiglass with space for up to six thousand books provide. It’s hard to believe? Have you ever seen that there are many books in one house? Maybe yes, but tidying up the books on the shelves is one thing, and around a staircase – another entirely. It’s very unusual and yet so compatible. You ask yourself, “Why didn’t I come up with something like this?” If you look at it that way, it’s very practical. You can always get to the book you want without the other falling, and when you are looking for a book it is much more interesting to go up and down a flight of stairs.

Modern Spiral staircase – Architecture in Portugal

Spiral staircase - modern architecture from Portugal-close

This design is also available as a “Poetic architecture” designated. Also looks very original as this house was known as the poet’s house in the 19th century. Today it is renovated in a contemporary style and the heart of the house is the Spiral staircase. Can you imagine this amazing staircase in your home? She will surely be the center of attention. One Spiral staircase like this one makes every house even more mysterious and poetic.

Modern architecture from Portugal - inside

Spiral staircase- Modern architecture from Portugal-spiral

Spiral staircase - modern architecture from Portugal

Modern architecture from far away from Portugal