Spiral minimalist house design in a Spanish fishing town

innovative house design - sinuous minimalist house

By ‘Momo Estudio‘ – Architects in Murcia, Spain

This attractive, creative, modern House design includes a tasteful and imaginative system of sinuous elements to connect separate living areas and several floors. The house is located in the old quarter ‘Fisheries Town‘ in El Campello in Spain. The surrounding architecture is characterized by its specific and traditional style and the houses are mostly 1-2 storeys high. Designing a house on a relatively small area between two buildings posed a challenge for the architects. The only way to make the house spacious was through a tall building.

Spiral minimalist house design

spiral house design - glass roof

The whole Interior design is designed in white so that the color and light create the illusion of a larger room. Translucent walls make for a bright house. Sunlight also comes through several windows on the high roof. That House design is typically minimalist – the tasteful furniture combines functionality and form. The white house design is by no means overloaded – nothing superfluous can be found in the living space. The beautiful architecture is in the foreground.

Spiral minimalist house in Spain

interesting minimalist construction skylight

The main characteristic of the house is a system of interrelated arches that unite the spiral staircases, curvy walls and winding hallways. The curvy shapes of the various architectural elements are reminiscent of the relief of this typical coastal area.

Although the facade of this house design is basically minimalistic, some elements (like the balconies) are added to create a visual connection to the other buildings along the street. Due to the system of several balconies, which get smaller and smaller from bottom to top, the rectangular shape of the house no longer looks so dominant or unsuitable.

Interior design – winding house

interesting minimalist interior design - balcony

This house may be relatively small, but that white interior design looks incredibly beautiful. Perhaps the house best identifies the main winding staircase that spirals into the roof. You can see the sky through a round glass window on the roof. The dramatic interplay of light and shadow creates a unique atmosphere in this breathtaking house.

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Spiral minimalist house design - roof

Sun terrace wooden relax sun lounger

Sofa, kitchen, dining furniture in white

white glossy kitchen round dining table chairs

bedroom two single beds and white walls

Kitchen in the hallway steps wooden floor

Kitchen, dining furniture in white

Staircase glass walls white handrail