Spectacular modern city apartment in London

modern building - London

The facade of this London apartment is pleasant, but does not make a special impression. But as soon as the visitor walks in, a secret is revealed – the interior design is super modern in an urban style. The AMA architects took advantage of the building’s potential to create the perfect modern city apartment to create with modern decoration.

Modern city apartment in London with spectacular interior design

Art - London city apartment

The Mews 02 house was originally, very unromantically, used as a garage by the mechanic, so a renovation was necessary. This 4 story building is owned by a musician and designer who needed a creative atmosphere. The artistic couple wanted to split the house into two – an open, spacious living area and a private area for the bedrooms. The architects should be the first to solve the lighting problem – a large part of the modern city apartment namely lies on the basement level.

Contemporary interior design – an apartment in England

elegant lighting - city apartment

Lots of windows and reflective surfaces were the solution. An elegant geometric garden, surrounded by a glass facade, was set up. This connects the inside with the outside area. The view from the courtyard gives the house transparency and lightness. The elegant decoration is proof that every detail has been thought out. Accents were placed on the white and black paint. The perfect white floors on each level connect the interiors. The vertical elements have all been painted in dark gray to create a modern color scheme in one modern city apartment to design. Some bright works of art add accents, and a red staircase attracts everyone’s attention.

Designed for creative people in this one modern city apartment there is a happy atmosphere.

From Jaz

Elegant interior with a white floor

Flower akyente in the kitchen

elegant black and white bathroom

interesting steel decoration in city apartment

white color in the bathroom - classic interior design

red color accent - stairs

traditional facade - London city apartment