Spectacular modern architectural villa in Remote Valley, Idaho

Country house in Remote Valley - modern architecture

If you need a retreat this is the way to find a stylish one. That modern architectural country house in remote valley is situated on an open, fertile plain surrounded by distant mountains.

The ‘Double Helix‘ country house has a powerful effect, yet it blends in well with the landscape. The geometric shapes of the house are in full contrast to the gentler organic shapes of the surroundings. After all, the angular roof shapes reflect the hilly area. The modern architectural country house structure Also mimics the natural topology of the area, with the garden being protectively surrounded by the main building, much like the mountains surrounding the lonely flat land.

Modern Country house in Remote Valley

Remote Valley country house - facade

modern house construction - country house in Remote Valley

The main characteristics of the exterior design are the roof and walls clad in galvanized sheet steel to protect against bad weather. Due to the massive wooden beams, the house still does not look cold.

The absolute highlight of the Country house in Remote Valley are the generous windows through which you can marvel at the fabulous surroundings. The combination between fine metal and transparent glass creates the illusion of weightlessness. Nevertheless, pillars were built so that the house is firmly anchored in the ground.

SpectacularCountry house in Remote Valley

Remote Valley Country House - Front Facade

Surprisingly, the interior of the modern architectural country house contrasts with the exterior design. That Country house in Remote Valley The interior is classically modern, but several traditional elements contribute to the cosiness. On the ground floor, built-up wall pillars ensure the continuity of the design scheme in the outdoor area, so that a calming ambience is created. The generous use of warm, air-dried wood creates an inviting atmosphere. Wood is present everywhere in the house: roof beams, flooring and matching furniture. In this interior design scheme, tradition and modernity merge almost unnoticed.

modern architectural country house in Remote Valley

Remote Valley Country House - Roof

The house was originally built so that the fabulous wild surroundings can come into their own. The best way to enjoy the landscape is through the 360-degree breathtaking view of the whole area from the comfortable tower room.

From Jaz

modern stylish interior kitchen

Designed by Williams Partners Architects from the USA 

bathroom furnishings - built-in bathtub

View through the windows of the mountains

dark wooden floor and wooden country kitchen

visible wood rafters

House with pent roof and light gray facade cladding

House with pent roof and large glass front