Solid concrete house in Sao Paolo – modern architecture in the Bauhaus style

Concrete house ground floor metal gate openable lighting

That Solid concrete house Studio R is a professional photography studio designed by Studio MK27 in Sao Paolo. The interior is designed in a minimalist style with a touch of industrial chic and is stylishly arranged. Some walls can be opened 100% and let in plenty of natural light. Studio R has a solid, solid construction, with the interior and exterior merging into one another.

Solid concrete house in the Bauhaus style

Studio-R solid house Bauhaus style-Brazil Cubic architecture

At the Solid concrete house from Studio MK27 several cubes are freely interwoven. It impresses with its modern concept with a classic flat roof. The architects of Studio MK27 set new standards in the definition of interior design in the loft style. Particularly noteworthy is the lighting and ventilation concept, as every single area in the building receives daylight, has windows or walls that can be opened, and is air-conditioned and ventilated.

Solid concrete house with roof terrace

Cubic Architecture Brazil Photo Studio 5

That Solid concrete house Studio 5 is an individually planned one-off. The concept, based on the Bauhaus style, surprises with atmospheric rooms and colors. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide natural light. The open floor plan is divided into individual functional areas. There is a dressing room, bathroom and room for technology on the ground floor. An integrated cube in green houses the stairs that lead to the first floor, where there is a library, a small kitchen and the offices. The patio in the front yard provides a break that creative people need. The roof balcony, which opens through red-painted folding wooden panels, is a popular meeting and entertainment place for the photographers.

Architect house in the Bauhaus style

House in the Bauhaus style-ajar concept-front garden design

Designer house with roof terrace

Wooden panels painted red-gate wooden panels on the roof balcony

Natural shade for the roof balcony

Studio R roof balcony- natural shading trees

Concrete house with roof terrace

Roof balcony glass railing entrance red gate

Concrete house with aluminum elements on the facade

Concrete house solid construction-Brazil Sao Paolo

11 meter long metal gates open to the garden

Solid concrete metal gate garden outdoor

Modern building in solid construction

Photo studio solid buildings Brazil architecture-modern design

Metal cube as a separating element

Photographers Studio Interior Design Sao Paolo

Flat roof house “Studio 5” by Studio MK27 with an open floor plan

Staircase white green metal railing

Openable metal gates

Solid house Brazil Sao Paolo white-gate open-mechanically

Photographer’s studio with indoor garden

Studio R Indoor garden openable metal gate

Simple interior in white

Concrete house interior design wooden floor. White walls

Architects house – photographer studio

Photographers office wooden floor lighting-built-in white

The interior was designed with maximum transparency

Office design furniture sun protection ideas

Solid construction with concrete – interior design

Office furnishing furniture design Studio-R

Wooden floors for more comfort

Interior transparency design-sun protection idea

Studio R by Studio MK27

Studio R Floor Plans-Sao Paolo Architecture