Shading for outside: villa with sun protection system made of metal

shading for outside pool sun loungers rattan covered balcony

A modern minimalist villa in Arizona scores with a creative sun protection system made of metal. The concept creates a seamless connection between the living area and the patio area: the shading for the outside protects the house from the strong rays of the sun and at the same time allows a distant view of the beautiful area. Several important components have been skillfully combined so that the residents feel comfortable in the heat of the desert. In the end, the covered terrace and the balcony, shielded with metal folding doors, ensure optimal comfort. We present you the Red Rocks holiday home.

Shading for the outside – a villa in the Spanish colonial style is being converted

shading for outside house metal folding doors balcony

In the middle of Arizona, on a hill, there is a property with a wonderful view of the plains and the nearby small town. Originally there was a house in the Spanish colonial style on it. The old building was beautiful in and of itself, but it just didn’t meet the needs of the new owners. A small terrace hardly had space for a coffee table, the building itself had small windows and a plastered facade that warmed up quickly on hot days. The interior layout was also not convincing – a magnificent house entrance welcomed the guests, but it led to the small and dark living area. In the end, the residents could not marvel at the view, only regulate the room temperature with air conditioning and high electricity costs and the small windows did not let enough fresh air into the rooms anyway. A perfect example of the fact that the architecture must first be tailored to the terrain and the surroundings, and not to personal style preferences.

Shading for outside in a minimalist style

Shading for outside hottub seating area desert plants

The owners hired the architects of The Ranch Mine to design a modern home where the line between inside and outside merges. At the same time, the new building should be energy-efficient – i.e. the residents no longer wanted to invest in air conditioning, but in a sun protection system. The architects decided to tear down the old building and build a minimalist villa in its place. The new house consists of a building volume with a flat roof. The construction was made of concrete and steel – natural materials such as travertine stone and wood were used so that the facade blends in harmoniously with the surroundings.

shading for outside house facade sun protection system

Generous floor-to-ceiling windows on the second floor let plenty of sunlight into the rooms and allow guests to marvel at the landscape from every room. A pool invites you to cool off. The absolute highlight in the outdoor area are the spacious, sun-protected balcony that surrounds the house and the covered terrace next to the pool. On the one hand, it offers more space to stay outdoors, on the other hand, the shading for the outside ensures a balanced room climate in the living and sleeping areas.

shading for outside folding doors balcony natural

The balcony is protected from the sun’s rays by an electronically controlled system – the punched vertical metal folding blinds can only shield parts of the balcony or the entire balcony, depending on requirements. The attractive motifs create an exciting play of light and shadow on the balcony during the day. In the evening, the sliding doors can be pushed aside so that the family can marvel at the sunset.

shading for outside metal lounge area ideas

A comfortable lounge area with a corner sofa offers the opportunity to relax from the strong rays of the sun and to end the evening with friends with a cocktail. In contrast to traditional blinds, the punched metal plates let the wind through. All bedrooms, which are located on the second floor, look to the balcony and the flat land.

shading for outside plants balcony

They are also protected from the strong sun rays by tall palm trees and desert shrubs. The plants and flowers play a crucial role and significantly increase the feel-good factor – at the same time they are extremely easy to care for and can get by with little water. A decisive advantage as this saves resources.

Shading for outside – the covered terrace

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On the ground floor, residents can look forward to a spacious terrace on two levels. Nothing is missing there – pool, hot tub, sun loungers leave nothing to be desired in terms of wellness. Several illuminated steps lead to the outdoor kitchen and adjoining dining area. The second floor casts cooling shade over the barbecue area and the hill protects the outdoor seating area from the wind. In Arizona the temperatures, which is typical for a desert landscape, actually vary a lot. It is very hot during the day and very cold in the evening. So that the residents feel comfortable on the terrace even after sunset, the wind protection plays a decisive role.

Shading for outside regulates the indoor climate in the living area

shading outside high ceiling glass railing wood stairs

The shading for the outside regulates the indoor climate in the house – so the residents can marvel at the nature through the abundantly glazed facade. The living area is very bright, but is still in the shade. The concrete floor keeps your feet pleasantly cool and the built-in ventilation system (typical for American houses) increases living comfort.

shading outside seating area living room fireplace high ceiling

The furnishings were rather sparing – typical of the minimalist style of living. The white walls and glass railings create a seamless transition between the different areas and levels. As far as the materials are concerned, leather, linen, glass and metal form an attractive ensemble. The simple design language of the furniture forms the perfect background for modern art. Numerous paintings decorate the walls and give the rooms character.

shading outside white kitchen island

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shading outside metal sun protection system

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shading outside folding doors balcony electronically controllable

shading outside balcony sun protection system

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Project by: The Ranc Mine