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A tree house, hidden in the woods of Whistler, Canada, it caught the attention of design aficionados around the world and for nearly three years the thrilling story of its creation is still being told.

Joel Allen’s tree house

small bridge to the tree house

Joel Allen, a 31-year-old software designer, built this egg-shaped one tree house in 2009 after his start-up failed and he wanted to do something new. Joel started taking long walks through the woods with an old hippie named Old Man John. Eventually this led to the decision of a truly amazing tree house. Problem is, Joel had no money or land, so he got most of the materials for free and built the structure on land that he didn’t own.

Tree house in spherical shape

tree house wooden structure canada

Lovingly over a period of several years using mostly recycled materials and with the help of friends, Joel has truly created one of the most perfect tree house designs we have seen in the years.

The construction

treehouse support construction

The two-story tree house is completely supported by a hemlock tree and includes a terrace with a sliding glass door, a completely enclosed living space, and a window roof. The glass roof provides light and better ventilation. After building a model, Joel and his architect friends made the egg-shaped mini-house a little wider to increase the interior space.

Skylights for light and ventilation

house residential structure tree skylight forest landshcaft

Joel kept this project a secret for three years, knowing Canadian officials wouldn’t be thrilled to learn that he was building the land without permission, so he eventually contacted Dwell Magazine, which had the first publication on the story wrote. Since then, however, the future for the exciting project has been uncertain.

                                          from Joel Allen

Small kitchen

small kitchen treehouse joel allen

Wood design

wood design treehouse work area

Living room

treehouse interior design joel allen

Night lighting



wooden house stone decoration entrance

tree house ball forest joel allen

Hemloft Canada Joel Allen

tree trunk hidden in the forest canada