Sculptural architecture: facade made of glass allows a wide view and a view

Glass facade -concrete-garden-gravel-natural-landscape

An impressive single-family home is located directly on the ocean coast in Carmel, California and impresses with its contemporary, sculptural architecture. The house construction basically consists of glass and concrete, whereby the rooms appear spacious and bright and conjure up a pleasant brightness within the whole house. The glass facade allows breathtaking views of the surrounding unspoiled nature, which can be viewed from every angle. The garden fascinates with wonderful geometric shapes and curved lines that gently merge into the roof structure.

Glass facade -concrete-sculptural-architecture-garden

With the natural incidence of light, not only do the plants bloom, but we humans too. The glass walls, which are high from floor to ceiling, and the glass facade allow pleasant brightness and a sense of well-being in every room. The transparent material gives the house a very modern touch and at the same time gives the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful landscape panorama – the surroundings and the lovingly tended garden – from inside. Inside, a seamless, expansive view of the coast, the ocean and the steep landscape opens up.

Glass facade -concrete-garden-gravel-architecture

The floor throughout the house is made of polished concrete. The robust material harmonizes wonderfully with the glass and steel elements that can be seen inside and outside the rooms. An elegant and modern atmosphere is created, which perfectly complements the simple, straightforward furnishings. The individual areas and the furniture are completely oriented towards the view and the beautiful landscape. So you can see and enjoy nature from different angles. The living room, except for the ceiling and the floor,

seems to be completely transparent. Its contours dissolve completely into the azure blue ocean and the surrounding lava stone. The variable walls underline the flexible and spacious living style of the residents.

Glass facade -concrete-garden-gravel-light-lighting

Light-flooded interiors meet neutral colors and spacious shapes. The kitchen is designed completely in gray, but looks open and positive due to the natural incidence of light. In the dining area you can enjoy the breathtaking nature from both sides while dining. The bathroom with a freestanding bathtub makes contact with nature open and accessible, even in this private area. A couple of stairs with glass railings and steps made of light oak connect the two living levels.


A glass facade like this one should definitely be thought out so that it doesn’t let the birds go astray when they fly. A compromise with the transparency of the glass walls can result in the birds perceiving the facade as an obstacle and not bumping into it and injuring themselves. It is best to opt for glass walls that are not completely transparent or to hang curtains on the windows.





facade-glass-concrete-glass wall-view-landscape


facade-glass-concrete-light-glass wall-bedroom


facade-glass-concrete-glass wall-stairs-glass railing


* The house was designed by the architect Wallace Cunningham and designed the panels Zahner.