Satin-finished glass as a privacy screen – house in Indonesia with an innovative facade

satined glass privacy screen facade modern city villa

A modern city villa in Indonesia presents itself with an innovative facade design – satined glass provides privacy and shields the house from the street. At the same time, the glass panels let plenty of sunlight into the living and sleeping areas. The end result is a work of art of contemporary minimalist architecture, where modernity meets functionality. Particularly useful for densely built-up districts where the houses are close to one another and the residents are constantly looking for ways to protect their private area. We present you the “Musikhaus” – a new project by the talented architects at TWS & Partners.

Satin-finished glass as a privacy screen – modern minimalist villa in Indonesia

satined glass facade design modern

A family commissioned the architects from TWS to design a modern, sunny house with an abundantly glazed facade on a limited plot of land. At the same time, the builders specified a privacy screen – as the terrain is in a densely built-up area. Although the city villa currently has no direct neighbors, several building permits have allegedly already been obtained for the adjacent properties. So the customers wanted to think about privacy protection right from the start so that they don’t have to invest in expensive and time-consuming renovation work later on. At the same time, the acoustics in the rooms were of great importance – the owners are both musicians and really wanted to be able to practice with their colleagues in the house. A sensible sound insulation was also considered.

frosted glass facade winter garden cultivation view above

In the end, the architects decided on a minimalist architecture – the house has a Z-shape and consists of three seamlessly connected building volumes and a winter garden. A large concrete wall shields the city villa from any future neighbors, and several smaller windows at the sides let sunlight into the rooms. Closed to the other properties, the building opens up to the street. The southern facade was retrofitted with several panels made of saturated and printed laminated safety glass. Above all, they are characterized by an attractive appearance and modern design. The impact-resistant glass was specifically selected by the architects – it is ideally suited for outdoor use. In contrast to other materials, no further annual treatment is required for glass, which is why it is extremely easy to care for. At the same time, the panels protect the living area and the winter garden from rain, wind and storms. The stainless steel fastening is not only extremely hard-wearing, it also scores with a modern look. The steel details form various geometric motifs that give the otherwise simple white facade that certain something. The glass elements themselves are also printed with geometric figures – this creates an exciting interplay of light and shadow in the interior.

Satin-finished glass as a privacy screen for the covered terrace

satined glass canopy translucent privacy screen

As fascinating as the front facade may look, the tour of the house actually begins for most guests from the backyard – the architects have designed a small round terrace there, where the clients and their colleagues can practice. The high wall, as well as many plants on the edge of the garden, should reduce the noise. The terrace itself is covered – but so that it doesn’t get too dark, the architects have also opted for glass elements, this time made of clear glass. Folding doors can transform the terrace into a second winter garden in no time. In sunny weather, the living area is extended to the outside.

Satin-finished glass for the winter garden

frosted glass winter garden covered privacy screen

But satined glass is also used in abundance in the winter garden – the extension offers additional living space, houses the potted plants from the garden in the winter months and serves as a peculiar reception room. The glass panels on the ceiling make the room look bright even in bad weather. The highly polished white floor tiles in large format reflect the furniture and make the room appear larger.

satined glass facade backyard house entrance

The white ceiling, walls and built-in kitchen with adjoining dining area, which are directly adjacent to the winter garden, are simply designed according to the minimalist basic principle: “Less is more”. The main accents are the entrance door and the dining table with chairs and bench made of wood. The warm yellowish oak wood and the exotic red nuance of the bocote loosen up the strict minimalist interior design and create a homely ambience.

Glass doors allow a distant view in the sleeping area

satined glass sliding doors bedroom balcony

While satined glass is used abundantly on the ground floor, the bedrooms are hardly screened – large floor-to-ceiling folding doors allow a distant view of the garden. All three bedrooms have a spacious balcony where the residents can relax after a long day at work and enjoy the sunset. Here, too, was sparingly furnished – a chest of drawers, double bed and short-floor carpet round off the living program.

satined glass window stairs inside

The wall, ceiling and floor design also create a visual connection between the different areas in the house – interior designers often use this trick, especially with limited living space. The neutral color scheme forms the perfect background for creative decorations with modern works of art made from natural materials. Small wooden stowages decorate the stairwell, lanterns create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom and on the balcony.

satined glass lawn concrete villa baeume

The solid house was built from concrete – typical of the minimalist buildings that are enjoying increasing popularity in Asia and that blend harmoniously with both the new and the old city districts. The project by the talented TWS architects is an excellent example of a minimalist building concept in a limited space.

satined glass concrete facade lawn

satined glass blueprint project winter garden

satined glass blueprint view above floor plan

satined glass view second floor sleeping area

satined glass roof plan

Project by TWS & Partners