Residential house in Munich with a music room by Beer Architektur Städtebau


In the fall of 2010, a new modern residential building in Munich became the local Offices Beer Architektur Städtebau built. The unusual stone facade design has a restrained and eye-catching appearance at the same time. As a result, the house differs significantly from the surrounding area – other, more conventional buildings in the neighborhood in Harlaching, in which proportions it again adapts perfectly.

Modern residential building in Munich with a cantilevered upper floor


The modern residential building in Munich is conceived as a cubic composition. The gray concrete structure juts out of the lush greenery like a rock. Two of the sides are closed, the other two – to the north and south – open to the high-quality green spaces. In order to make optimal use of the space available on the relatively small property of only approx. 650 square meters, the indoor and outdoor areas were linked by terraces.

The structure opens up to Athener Platz in the north to the private gardens in the south

Residential building-concrete-stone-facade-cantilever-upper floor-park-like-green spaces

The facade is clad with gneiss panels so that a striped pattern is created. The surrounding stone layers are designed with joints that are as inconspicuous as possible. Four living levels are available – in the basement there is the underground car park, ancillary rooms and 2 guest apartments. The kitchen, living room with open dining area and a library with a fireplace are on the ground floor. The family’s private rooms – bedroom with dressing room, a study, a bathroom with sauna and a small wellness area – are located on the first floor. And now the very special thing about this detached house – the entire second floor functions as a music room with a south-facing terrace, determined by a staggered skylight and a large sheet music archive wall. Here the dominant building material stone is replaced by cherry wood floors in order to guarantee optimal room acoustics.

Single-family house in Harlaching developed as a cubic composition

Residential-house-in-Munich-upper floor-music room-beer-architecture-urban development

Bright, inviting interiors with controlled living space ventilation, floor and wall heating systems support a pleasant living environment with a total area of ​​440 square meters.

Concrete construction house, embedded in the lush garden area


Music room developed according to acoustic criteria

Residential house-acoustic-music room-view-green-private-gardens-in-the-south

New building by Beer Architektur Städtebau: Interior

Concrete building-house-gneiss-slabs-floor-living-space-open-designed-white-walls

Pleasant living comfort


Vertical surfaces inside with a striped stone pattern


Photos: Daniel Mosch


Basement-view-new building-house-beer-architecture-urban development

modern-residential-building-in-Munich-floor plan

private rooms-upper floor-room layout-beer-architecture

Music room-south terrace-plan-new building-house-beer-architecture-urban development

Single-family-house-in-Harlaching-Beer-architecture-side view