Residence on the lakefront

by Fook Weng Chan

An amazing modern one Residence on the lakefront, designed by architect Fook Weng Chan. The house is situated in a quiet mountain area near Vancouver, Canada. It represents a lot of class and at the same time fits in with the beautiful surroundings.

interesting glass facade - a residence by the lake

The building has a blueprint that allows a lot of glass to be used in the facade. And glass is something this house needed to reflect the beautiful blue sky and offer breathtaking views. The front facade of the house is covered with cedar and copper. There is a large curvy terrace that looks towards the mountain. The terrace, together with the interesting roof structure, gives the building a dramatic look. A stone path leads to the main entrance at the rear of the residence. On the way to the door, you can enjoy the peace and quiet that reigns in the garden. The garden itself combines stone, trees and a pool area.

Lakefront residence – modern architecture

modern architecture - a house by the lake - garden

Internally of the House you can enjoy the overwhelming view of the mountains through the windows of a spacious living area. Kitchen, dining room and living room are combined in one room. The house has a second level that leads to the bedroom area and the curved terrace. There is another large terrace in the basement suitable for al fresco dining. Several stairs descend to a wooden platform that leads to the water. All the terraces and the platform add to the elegance of this modern building.

By K.H. Christova

modern interior design - residence on the lakeshore

modern interior - a glass staircase