Renovating a house – old Victorian style building gets a new look

Project living area tear down interior walls to set up kitchen dining room

You want your Renovate house and are you looking for inspiring projects? We present you a project by the architects Givonehome, where tradition and modernity are skillfully combined. The architects were tasked with completely rebuilding a Victorian-style building. The builders specified an open living area flooded with light.

Renovate the old house – the facade has been completely rebuilt

Concrete floor seal chairs table eclectic mix of styles ceiling wood beams

The house is located in a beautiful area – to the south it borders a small river, the eastern outer wall looks towards the forest. But the residents could not really enjoy the favorable location – the small windows of the old house facade did not let enough sunlight into the interior. The architects of Givonehome have therefore decided to completely glaze the east side. So now the homeowners can marvel at the beautiful landscape. The ground floor was also remodeled – the interior walls were torn down and an open living area was created. The walls were painted white, the concrete floor was sealed – only the old supporting beams have been preserved. The eclectic combination between high-gloss surfaces and rustic materials attracts attention. The living area was furnished sparingly – with a white fitted kitchen with a cooking island and a long wooden table. Most of the budget was spent, but the architects didn’t just want the ground floor of the old one Renovate house, but also make the second floor more homely.

Renovating the old house – small renovations with a big impact

 Ideas renovation country style modernize chairs corner kitchen

Anyone who has ever wanted to renovate an old house knows the difficulty – new costs often arise in the last second. But with a little flexibility and creativity, the difficulties can be overcome. In this case, all bedrooms and bathrooms have been painted white, a new dark laminate floor has been installed and the old furniture has been restored. In the end, a minimalist variant of the traditional country house style was created, where tradition meets modernity. Very impressive!

The spacious living area

small island classic furniture restore white walls

The bedroom has an eclectic look

Country style fireplace wood beam mirror bedside table set up

The free-standing stainless steel bathtub is a real eye-catcher

Wood floor covering glass shower cubicle white walls fittings minimalist

The country-style bathroom

Country style freestanding bathtub stainless steel laminate floor

Rustic and minimalist – the mix of styles is unusual, but well done

Country style look stainless steel fittings mirror bathroom design ideas

Bathroom design ideas freestanding bathtub stainless steel fittings wood vanity

Country style pitched roof pitched white walls

Water features stairs moss trees perennials classic style

House remodeling – before and after comparison

before after comparison wood facade remodel ideas

Architecture is being rebuilt, restored glass fronts, glazing

Project example before after comparison glass facade

renovate blueprint room distribution view from above