Renovated house boasts a new modern look – the HomeMade project

renovated house-rear facade-garden dining area kitchen modern sliding door glass

Here we would like to offer you a modern renovated house present, which welcomes its guests with a newly designed facade. HomeMade is the first residential conversion project from the architectural firm Bureau de Change Design Office based in London.

HomeMade renovated house by Bureau de Change Design Office

renovated house design facade-brick wall traditional

This modern home was remodeled and renovated in 2012 and now boasts a new contemporary look. The double-wide living room is a perfect mix of old and new and is based on strong light-dark contrasts.

The fascinating residential building consists of 2 existing buildings on neighboring properties. The clients did not want to start with the architectural conditions, but rather optimize the floor plan, create a uniform look and change the orientation of the living space. A key decision with regard to the interior design was the choice of the heart of the house, says architect Billy Mavropoulos from Bureau de Change.

2 houses converted into a single family home

Remodeling project house renovation-rear facade-open living room garden

This so-called centerpiece is located in the “meeting point” of the former and the current residential building. It represents a wide and comfortable box room, clad with oak wood, which is used to store personal belongings. The vertically running oak wood panels are pulled down at an angle of 90 ° in order to create the stairs that lead to the upper floor.

The rear facade is provided with a lot of glass

renovation-house centerpiece interior design stairs-wood

The living room has an open plan and includes a stainless steel kitchen with island and dining area with access to the rear property area. As a modern renovated house should convey the feeling of more openness and spaciousness, the team of architects opted for floor-to-ceiling glazing. The 11 meter high facade consists of skylights and sliding elements that merge the visual border between the interior and exterior areas. The original components were recycled inside wherever possible.

Photos by: Eliot Postma

The cold and austere effect of the white surfaces is softened by rustic textures

Loft design ideas kitchen with kitchen island-high gloss white-rustic wall

Accents in the interior – wooden staircase structure and brick wall 

renovated house interior design brick wall gloss kitchen oak wood stairs

Stainless steel kitchen with a minimalist look with dining area

House remodeling project white walls simple interior design kitchen ceiling lights-built-in

Old meets new, light meets dark

dining area wood rustic light bar integrated brick wall

Create more openness and space through sliding doors

construction concept light-flooded house brick wall kitchen island

Home decorations spice up the atmosphere

black and white contrasts wooden floor covering-detached house renovated

Lively accents in the black and white bedroom

renovated house bedroom ideas ceiling light wall color dark

Bathroom without partition

bathroom open plan walk-in shower cubicle window

The glazing gave both buildings a uniform look

renovated house with a view of the courtyard-white walls-window

Floor plan

Conversion project renovated house homemade room layout design office

View from above

renovated house single-family house modern floor plan optimization

Side view in section

Single-family house renovated in the cut-homemade conversion project