Recycled doors and windows combined to form a collage-like house facade in Mumbai

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Old, recycled doors and windows that are combined to form a spectacular house facade? The architects at S + PS Architects have designed a unique residence, the “Collage House”, in Belapur, Mumbai, whose facade is the result of an interesting and eclectic combination of recycled materials. In the large, densely populated Indian city, the building makes a bold statement and does not go unnoticed. The residence was designed for a four generation family in 2015.

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The building covers an area of ​​520 square meters and is located on a hill overlooking Mumbai. In order to create an idyllic ambience and ensure a certain degree of privacy, the residence was traditionally built for the Indian style around a central courtyard. The unique and imaginative architectural style was influenced by the architectural style of the townspeople who build their houses with various found materials. According to S + PS Architects, it is impossible to live in Mumbai and ignore the character and charisma of the settlements. You can also learn a lot from this style of living and building in terms of economy, adaptability and ingenuity. The composition of recycled windows and doors, which come from destroyed houses in the city, undoubtedly results in a striking facade. The unique overall appearance of the residence is a kind of alternative architecture that is reminiscent of a collage.

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The hinges of some of the recycled doors and windows have been retained for natural ventilation and views. On the upper floor, one bedroom has a balcony made of blue glass that protrudes from the facade of the house. The property has a paved parking lot at street level. Next to the blue door that marks the entrance to the house is a prayer room, which is enclosed by green glass. A room on the same level is available for domestic workers. The residence is equipped with a large collection tank for rainwater during the monsoon season. The container is covered with stones that were extracted during excavations on the hill.

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Inside, old and new, tradition and present, sophistication and roughness are intertwined. Metal pipes with different diameters are firmly connected to each other and form a bamboo-like wall. Century-old recycled columns support an exposed concrete ceiling. The pillars bring back memories from old times and add a touch of nostalgia. Pieces of furniture from the colonial era and fabrics woven from scraps of waste characterize the interior. The combination of cement tiles, beveled mirrors, carved wooden strips and the floor made of old teak give the interior a special charm.

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* a project by S + PS Architects