Pritzker Prize 2013 and architects who shape modern architecture

toyo ito Pritzker Prize 2013 modern architecture

The top 5 architects of our time. Four gentlemen and one lady – with every project you raise the bar higher and higher. Modern architecture has a bright future. To have something Frank Gehry, Sir Norman Foster, Zaha Hadid, Tom Wright and Tayo Ito together? Your first answer would immediately be “Pritzker Prize Winner”, but that’s wrong. Tom Wright, although the creator of Dubai’s miracle, Burj Al Arab Hotel, still hasn’t won the Oscar in architecture. All the others had the honor of being among the winners of the prestigious award.

Modern architecture by Toyo Ito

TOD Omotesando building toyo ito Pritzker Prize 2013

The Japanese architect Tayo Ito became the winner of Pritzker Prize 2013 appointed, although his name is not as well known as his colleagues. Toyo Ito, from Tokyo, has been awarded the RIBA Gold Medal in 2006 and the Praemium Imperiale of the Japan Art Association in 2010. His designs include the TOD Omotesando Building in Tokyo, Sendai Media Center, Tama Art University Library and Za-Koenji Theater in Tokyo. He is the sixth Japanese architect to receive the award, after Kenzo Tange in 1987, Fumihiko Maki in 1993, Tadao Ando in 1995 and Kazuyo Sejima and Nishizawa Ryue in 2010.

Modern architecture in Tokyo – Tama University Library

toyo Ito Pritzker Prize 2013 Tama university library

toyo ito university library tokyo

Sendai media library

toyo ito Pritzker Prize winner 2013 sendai mediathek

TOD Omotesando building

toyo ito Pritzker Prize 2013 TOD Omotesando building belgium

Porta Fira Tower in Barcelona, ​​Spain

Porta Fira towers Barcelona Spain red facade

Koenji Theater in Tokyo

toyo ito Pritzker Prize 2013 koenji theater

The futuristic conception of Zaha Hadid makes her the first and so far the only woman to have won the Pritzker Prize in 2004. Before they were award winners Sir Norman Foster in 1999, the king of office buildings, and the genius Frank Gehry in 1989, which this year celebrated 84 years. Each of these architects shape the modern architecture in their own unique way. It will be transformed, developed, and turned into a living textbook for all of its successors.

National Zayed Museum by Sir Norman Foster

zayed museum norman foster Pritzker Prize 1999 abu dhabi

zayed national museum architect norman foster abu dhabi

modern architecture zayed national museum in abu dhabi

Beko building in Belgrade by Zaha Hadid

zaha hadid pritzker prize 2004 beko building belgrade

zaha hadid beko building belgrade futuristic architecture

Hotel Marques de riscal by Frank Gehry

frank gehry hotel marques de riscal Pritzker Prize 1989

frank gehry hotel modern architecture facade

Burj Al Arab by Tom Wright

burj al arab dubai hotel tom wright architect

The modern architecture and the relationship between inside and outside