Play of light and shadow – living ball made of smart flowers


LOTUS DOME by Studio Roosegaarde

The world of art is full of works that use technology to bring new and exciting concepts to life. But this technology results in something that not only evokes a sense of wonder, but also an emotional connection. The Dutch architect and artist Daan Roosegaard used the technology to create a bridge between nature and man, with a breathtaking play of light and shadow. This current exhibit reflects the warmth we feel when interacting with other forms of life.

beautiful contrasts – light and shadow, technology and people


Lotus Dome is made up of hundreds of smart flowers that respond to movement and fold. Its metallic petals open to visitors, greet, but also imitate breathing and change their mood the more people interact with it. The artwork also emits light, creating a ghostly effect of light and shadow in the church.

dynamic dance of light and shadow


A soft source of light shines in the heart of the lotus dome, shining through the aluminum grid of flowers. As the visitors approach the piece, the flowers slowly unfold so that the light emanates and bathes the visitors in their warmth. The more people there are in the vicinity, the more light breaks through the openings. The light follows the visitors in the room and creates an amazing play of light and shadow.


The lotus dome was exhibited in a Renaissance church, the Sainte Marie Madeleine, in Lille, France. The building, with its deep bass sound and flickering shadows, turned into what Studio Roosegaarde calls a “techno church”.


Lotus Dome was shown at Lille 3000 Festival in January 2012. Lotus Dome is part of the “Metamorphoses in Public Life” exhibition, where 20 artists were asked to create artistic installations.


This stunning metal and sensors object gives visitors a sense of their place in the world and at the same time demands attention.

    Play-of-light-and-shadow-metal-flower-petals  Lotus-Dome-Studio-Roosegaarde-vibrant-aluminum-flowers