Palabritas beach house – a design idea from Peru

Posted by Jose Orrego

modern exterior design Küßtenhaus

This contemporary Palabritas beach house by Jose Orrego was situated on sunny Palabritas Beach in Lima, Peru. The main concept of the architect is to open the space to the fantastic sea view and to design the house in a minimalist style. The building has only one floor which is divided into two main areas: an open common living area and a private bedroom area.

minimalist house design – Palabritas beach house

a minimalist property - interesting shape

That Palabritas beach house is designed to act like a framework for the landscape revealed ahead. The front of the Beach house consists of a rectangular white upper floor with elegantly curved edges that give it a softer look. An open-air space is created between the main building and this upper part, which acts like a transition area between the interior areas. In this room you can find the swimming pool. Next to him you can relax on a large, soft sofa, which juxtaposes the pool and background landscape. This whole area provides the residents with a space to relax.

Interesting interior design – beach house in Peru

minimalist architecture - protective roof

In the interior, the spacious living area includes a kitchen, living room and dining room. There is a small hall that starts in the middle of the living area between the dining and living rooms. It leads to the more private area of ​​the house – namely the bedrooms.

The interior design of this Beach house was designed very modern. The color scheme includes mostly light tones mixed with red elements. The sofas are designed in white and red. The kitchen surfaces combine the red and black color, and some steel elements. The colors make the house look more lively and cozy.

By K.H. Christova

a beach house in a minimalist design

a minimalist property - interesting architecture with a pool