New Apple shop in Milan causes a sensation with its minimalist aesthetics

apple shop glass modern fountain milan

The new Apple Shop in Italy caused a sensation with its minimalist aesthetics and creative concept. The store is located in the historic center of Milan, on Liberty Square and is intended to become the communication hub in the big city. The project, designed and implemented in close cooperation with the talented architects from Foster and Partners, presents an exciting example of a successful combination between modern architecture and old buildings. Even more so – it offers a space solution for the densely built-up cities, where there are simply no more free plots in the city center. Let yourself be inspired by the excellent Apple Shop!

The Apple Shop blends in harmoniously with the historic district

apple shop milan modern architecture fountain glass

Located in the middle of Liberty Square in Milan, the Apple Shop scores with an innovative concept. The square itself has been preserved so that residents and tourists can still relax there. The shop itself is located underground – only an imposing glass fountain indicates its exact location. At the same time, the minimalist water feature serves as the entrance to the store and forms the perfect background for a large outdoor stage. The square was deliberately designed traditionally and laid according to the Italian building principles with a local type of stone “Beola Grigia”. The aim of the Apple company was to make the spacious square a popular meeting place for the many tourists and residents. In a city with such a rich history and beautiful architecture, which has long been known for its artists, there is no lack of entertainment. The company mastered the challenge of creating a space where everyone can be inspired in an exemplary manner.

The new Apple Shop encourages creativity

apple shop milan interior furnishing wood

The new Apple Store offers much more than just a beautiful architectural concept – there are hourly events on topics such as photography, video, music, art and design. During these free sessions, visitors can let their imagination run wild, get to know the new technologies better, get useful tips from professionals and exchange ideas. Several Apple events will then be held on the square until the end of summer.

apple shop seminar modern technologies

apple shop milan modern concept

apple shop milan fountain glass square

apple shop milan opening place

Project by Foster and Partners