Natural looking facade with narrow stone tiles

facade with narrow stone tiles villa organic shape china

The Fairyland Guorui mansion complex is located in Beijing, China. It is characterized by individual living comfort, which is at the same time connected with a feeling of community. The villas with Facade with narrow stone tiles are characterized by a construction that resembles a sculpture and extends along a river. Various extras have been added to ensure the connection with nature. These include balconies and bay windows, as well as roof terraces with gardens. They also guarantee plenty of daylight inside and a good view of the outside. As a result, individual interiors were created, but each facade with narrow stone tiles has an individual shape.

Facade with narrow stone tiles – winding avenue

facade with narrow stone tiles roof terraces beige color

The facade with narrow stone tiles of every house with its light beige color appears just as natural. This makes the villas seem to be part of nature. The complex is divided into two rows, separated from each other by a winding path. This symbolizes the adjacent river and should have a natural look. There are also many trees in the front gardens. The front gardens are also lush with bushes, small trees and flowers and thus offer full comfort.

Facade with narrow stone tiles – green front gardens as a contrast to beige facades

facade with narrow stone tiles avenue front gardens design trees nature

Each interior area of ​​the individual villas with a facade with narrow stone tiles supports family life through open private areas that can be used for common activities within the family. Such are dining and entertainment areas. But private rooms are also offered, in which everyone can withdraw. Take a look at the pictures of the individual villas for a detailed overview of the extraordinary architecture.

Narrow tiles for organically shaped facades

facade with narrow stone tiles sculpture shape house design original

Curved facade

facade narrow stone tiles villa individual living areas idea

Modern entrance door made of wood

facade narrow stone tiles entrance door wood modern style

Balcony of a villa

facade narrow stone tiles balcony design glass door climbing plants

Design by UN studio.