“Moses Bridge” is an innovative modern construction

Award winning design from RO&AD from Netherlands

 innovative interesting design - modern wooden bridge

With its unique design, this bridge has quickly become a hallmark of modern architecture in the Netherlands. These innovative modern construction was made by RO&AD Architects and was named ‘Building of the Year‘ in 2011.

Modern innovative construction – Moses Bridge ‘

interesting design - modern wooden bridge in Netherlands

the innovative modern construction is located in Halsteren, a historical area. The western water front was a line of defense where many towns and forts were built to protect from the water. In the 19th century this waterfront lost its importance and was forgotten. It has now been restored and the water level has risen again. The whole region has turned into a wellness and vacation spot where many ride bikes.

The invisible bridge – a modern, innovative construction from the Netherlands

invisible bridge with modern design

When the moat was completely restored, a bridge was needed to facilitate access to the historic castle ‘Fort de Roovere‘. The architects decided to do the impossible – they designed an invisible bridge. the modern innovative construction looks very elegant and is only made of Accoya wood, which is protected by an EPDM film. The design of the bridge is simple, but surprisingly it sits in the water.

Simple, yet elegant – a modern, innovative construction

interesting design - innovative wooden bridge

The Moses Bridge can hardly be seen from a distance. That’s why wearing this innovative modern construction the name ‘Moses‘ – the people crossing the bridge look like they are sharing the water. An innovative design that is not only original but also practical.

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innovative interesting wooden bridge

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Interesting modern innovative architecture – wooden bridge

innovative interesting design from the Netherlands