Monolithic concrete house with spectacular views in India

Concrete house on rock steep slope-built India-Khopoli

To build this monolithic structure, the architects from SPASM Studio from Mumbai combined basalt stones with concrete. Khopoli House is a modern holiday home with a minimalist concept built on a steep slope. Surprisingly, the strictly geometric fits in Concrete house relatively harmoniously into the hilly landscape of the Maharashta region.

Khopoli concrete house by SPASM

Design house 2 building volumes-concrete basalt pool view landscape

Seen from a distance, that lies Concrete house dangerously close to the edge of the slope. The construction is characterized by the dark hue of the basalt stones, which are found in abundance in the region. It gives the impression that the house is an optical extension of the rocks.

Modern concrete house with pool deck

Tropical house sun lounger terrace wooden deck swimming pool outdoor

The use of concrete in the Khopoli House was motivated by the drastic climatic changes that are typical for India – high summer temperatures and heavy rainfall that is common in the region due to the monsoon season. The robust structure should withstand these factors. In addition to concrete, plenty of natural stone was used inside – for floors and wall coverings.

Holiday home with spectacular views

Khopoli-House India pool deck concrete structure-Spasm Design Architects

The entrance to the house is located under the projecting concrete canopy. There is a protected outdoor area with comfortable seating. The rich black background creates an impression of security and a place of retreat. There is a spacious terrace with a swimming pool and a breathtaking view.

That in the neighborhood The widely used material basalt was effectively integrated into the construction

Concrete house on hillside India modern architecture-massive Spasm-Design Architects

The living room and dining area were built in the space between the 2 wings of the building. Depending on your needs, blinds provide the desired delimitation and privacy. There are 638 square meters of comfortably furnished living space available.

House on the steep hills of the Maharashta region of the architectural office SPASM Design Architect

House built in rock-With swimming pool-view India concrete house

Spectacular house with a dramatic look

Concrete Bauhaus architecture-modern cantilevered house-canopy terrace

Covered terrace with hanging sofa

Hanging sofa concrete house design Khopoli-Spasm outdoor seating area

Monolithic house in Khopoli, Maharashta 

Modern Buildings India Spasm-Architects Concrete House Basalt

Stone paved stairs lead to the guest room with bathroom

Outdoor stairs modern-house architecture-india concrete structure

Projecting structure

Protruding building structure providing shade for the outside area tree

The pool deck at night

Residential building Khopoli-India Terrasse-Spasm Design-Architects Studio Mumbai

The dark entrance area gives a feeling of security

Khopoli cottage hallway lighting-furniture design concrete house

Bright bedroom with a four-poster bed

Bedroom four-poster bed-red linen-glazing window-wall

Modern Indian interior design

Concrete holiday home natural stone flooring Bauhaus furniture design retro

Open living in an exclusive ambience

Interior design terrace-natural stone floor-shiny retro-chic-furniture

Spacious bathroom with indoor plants

Large bathroom mirror frame-wall sink, recessed-in the floor

Floor-to-ceiling glazing in the bathroom

Bathroom white design floor-to-ceiling glazing wall mirror

Bathroom design in industrial chic style

Bad-Khopoli holiday home industrial chic interior Spasm-Design Architects-India

Photos by: Sebastian Zachariah, Denver, Tanmay, Gauri