Modern wooden pool house with shower and changing room in Canada

Wooden pool house modern-terrace canopy-seating area

Pool houses are useful structures that play a particularly important role in a garden with a pool. In a pool house, the required technology and accessories for the pool can usually be stowed away so that everything is always within reach. The architects from Amantea Architects have designed a wooden pool house that is furnished with storage space, a changing room and an outdoor shower.

Wooden pool house in the modern garden with pool and outdoor kitchen

pool house-wood-courtyard-pergola-dining area

The modern wooden pool house is the focus of this minimalist garden near Toronto, Canada. The garden is specially designed for summer by including a pool, green lawn and an outdoor kitchen.

pool house-wood-garden-privacy-screen-pool

The outdoor kitchen is furnished with a concrete pizza oven and bar, perfect for backyard barbecues. There’s a fire pit at the other end of the concrete bar. The dining area is furnished with a dining table made of solid oak and covered with a pergola made of wood and steel.

pool house-wood-slat-privacy screen

The pool house is designed on the edge of the garden so that it separates the courtyard from the neighboring house. The front of the pool house is designed with slats made of Douglas fir, which serve as a privacy screen for the interior.

pool house-modern-wooden-courtyard-swimming pool

The back of the garden house is also clad with Douglas fir, but in the form of wooden boards. In contrast to the slats, the boards are completely opaque and therefore offer complete privacy protection from the neighbors.

pool house wooden changing room bench

The wooden pool house has a changing room with a bench, a bathroom and an outdoor shower. To ensure the privacy of the bathroom and changing room, the architects opted for frosted glass for the windows. This lets daylight through in the interior, but is still not transparent.

pool house-wood-shower-outdoors

The shower area is not completely open, only partially open. A tree grows right next to it, which in combination with the wood creates a very special natural feeling in this area.

pool house-bathroom-wooden countertop sinks

* a project by Amantea Architects