Modern terrace design – when the border between inside and outside merges

modern terrace design single-family house-pool-garden-lawn

Nowadays, more and more single-family houses are planned with a U-shaped construction volume. The reason – quite simply – to design the terrace as a communication center. On the one hand, the garden, the pool and the seating area are shielded from the wind and prying eyes, and on the other hand, all rooms can look onto the outdoor area. We present you such a project for modern terrace design by the talented DADA architects – the house fascinates with a modern and at the same time homely concept.

Modern terrace design – sliding glass doors on the ground floor create a seamless transition between inside and outside

modern-terrace-design-pool-graeser-tree-front garden

The concept of open space design means creating a seamless connection between the living area on the ground floor and the garden. The modern terrace design becomes a fundamental element of the architecture – the living room turns into a lounge corner, the kitchen – into a casual outdoor dining area and the bedroom – into a terrace with sun loungers. In the end, life is completely shifted outside in summer, and in the cold season the homeowners can sit comfortably inside and marvel at nature.

Modern terrace design – divide the outdoor area into zones

modern terrace design garden pond creation ideas

An important prerequisite for such a design is the well thought-out planning and division of the outdoor area into different zones. For example, a small garden pond can be created right next to the sleeping area – water has a calming effect and relaxes the senses. There can be a small playground or a seating area in front of the living room. The bathroom can be shielded from prying eyes by tall perennials.

Modern terrace design – spacious terrace and garden pond in front of the living room


Lush trees provide shade and add variety to the garden

modern terrace design pool-shrub-tree-wood-garden path

The sunny dining room looks sideways to the terrace

Modern terrace design, perennials, pool house, rattan seating area, dining area

Living room with high ceiling and glass fronts looks to the sun terrace

modern terrace design living room-glass wall-ideas-luxury

The U-shaped building offers decisive advantages – the terrace becomes the focal point of communication

modern-terrace design-living room-beautiful-view

Modern terrace design of a single-family house with glass fronts

modern-terrace-design-ideas-wood-garden path-rattan seating group

Inside and outside are seamlessly connected in the hallway

modern-terrace design-interior design-glass fronts

Balcony on the second floor – the glass railings allow a distant view

modern-terrace-design-garden-create-single-family house

The bathroom is shielded from view by tall shrubs


modern-terrace design-privacy fence-ideas-lawn area-tree

Modern terrace design tree driveway lawn

modern-terrace design-single-family house-facade-front garden

modern terrace design lighting evening family house

modern-terrace design-pool-lighting-sun loungers-seating group

modern-terrace design-blueprint-building sketch-single-family house

Project by DADA Architects