Modern sustainable architecture in Stuttgart


Who could guess that a modern one sustainable architecture can have such a fascinating facade with no harmful emissions and a completely environmentally friendly concept? Werner Sobek’s architects have skillfully combined modern design and natural materials for the project. The building is four storeys high, has a facade that is three times glazed and a stainless steel construction. Built on a hill, supported by two large stainless steel beams and with excellent views of the nearby city, this modern home has a lot to offer. A bridge connects the upper floors with the hill, and several outdoor terraces offer a beautiful view of the surroundings. Since there are no neighbors in the immediate vicinity, the owners can protect their privacy despite the complete glazing.

Sustainable architecture with innovative design


This superb modern sustainable architecture is equipped with photovoltaic panels that provide enough electricity for lighting at night. In addition, there is a sustainable system for geothermal energy, which supplies the cooling system with electricity. The project is simple but at the same time very innovative and redesigned the modular design. The house is made up of several panels and these can be dismantled – so this house is not only modern, it can be completely recycled. A bridge over the kitchen and dining room is the entrance to the house. The house offers an elegant and minimalist interior design, where leather furniture creates a cozy atmosphere.

Modern minimalist architecture takes care of the environment


The minimalist interior design defines the interior of this modern house called Haus R 128. There are no walls inside that could prevent the residents from moving freely. The main concept – close to nature can also be felt in the furnishings. Modern staircase in the middle of the house connects all floors. The only accents are set by a large red bookcase.

House with a great view


Solar panels on the roof

Solar panels house roof

Modern house design


Environmentally friendly house