Modern stone facade with a minimalist character – house in Ljubljana

modern stone facade house landscape fence concrete

A modern and very minimalist house was built in 2014 near Ljubljana, Slovenia. The architects from Dekleva Gregoric dealt with the project and designed a modern stone facade for the small single-family house. Natural stone for exterior cladding from top to bottom is rarely seen today in new buildings. With the stone, the architects have given the minimalist building its very own rustic character.

Modern stone facade – A minimalist one-room house in Ljubljana

modern stone facade minimalist house hillside property

This modern stone facade with a minimalist character is true proof that facade cladding made of natural stone has proven itself many times and is suitable for every type of building. In addition to its robustness, the material also offers perfect protection against wind and weather and helps to air-condition the building in summer and winter. So a modern stone facade is the best choice for this little house in the country.

Modern stone facade with a minimalist character

modern stone facade concrete fence wall modern way

The stone facade not only looks good aesthetically, it combines tradition and modern architecture in one. The small house looks very minimalist and simple, especially since it has no roof overhang and the stone cladding gently runs into the roof. The building looks like a harmonious whole and fits perfectly into the rural landscape.

modern stone facade roof one-room house small plot

Inside the house, the minimalist concept has been further developed. The house can also be described as a one-room house, as there are no solid walls between the areas, but only room dividers and accessible constructions made of wood that divide the entire room. The interior is very simple and designed exclusively in neutral colors such as black, white and gray. The light wood gives a cozy touch with a friendly, natural look.

modern stone facade twilight minimalist landscape

On each side of the house and also on the roof there is a large-format window that allows a wonderful view of the untouched surrounding landscape. The building is aligned in such a way that one can optimally benefit from the sunshine. The concrete fence that surrounds the house harmonizes perfectly with the rough look of the modern stone facade.

modern stone facade house craft old building tradition

modern stone facade minimalist house nature hillside

modern stone facade minimalist house old building tradition

modern stone facade natural stone needlework roof

modern stone facade minimalist house number black

modern stone facade concrete fence oval

modern stone facade large-format windows room-high

one room house modern minimalist light wood gray black

modern minimalist kitchen natural wood light black

one-room house room divider partition wall network

one-room house modern concrete wood room divider rope

modern one-room house concrete wood transparent partitions rope

one-room house concrete ceiling wood room divider net rope

minimalist bedroom skylight wood cladding white

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house modern one-room house side view

house plam hillside view

* a project by Dekleva Gregorič Arhitekti