Modern single-family home – fascinating new building made of concrete and glass

Single-family house new construction minimalist architecture concrete blocks

A modern family house inspires with fascinating facade design. Jl Studio Architects’ latest project is located in Pachuca, Mexico and was recently built.

Modern single-family house with a minimalist facade

design rock garden create modern minimalist house two floors

The architects from Jl Studio divided the extensive building program into several structures. The solid house is characterized by clear lines and geometric cube shapes. The rough beauty of the concrete blocks is broken up by the glass insert – many windows let plenty of sunlight into the interior. The entrance and wooden doors made of wood even let the exposed concrete wall come into its own. In the end, the building looks minimalist and at the same time homely – a perfect one, modern family house with clear room distribution and creative facade design! A rock garden was created in front of the house entrance – in this way the architects succeeded in creating a seamless transition between the outside and the inside area. The gray facade fits perfectly into the surrounding desert landscape. Built-in floor lights emphasize the architectural severity of the concrete elements in the evening, while plants such as palm trees and cacti bring an exotic touch into the house.

Modern single family house in minimalist style

finest skylight stairwell game light shadow

In contrast to the facade with its clear geometric shapes, the interior design fascinates with a winding wooden staircase. In contrast to the subtle wooden elements outside, the living area is lavishly clad in chestnut wood. The warm dark brown color creates a modern and homely ambience where the family and their guests will feel comfortable. Polished marble tiles contribute to a classy look. Long but narrow skylights create a play of light and shadow and flood the hallway with light. Who thought that the minimalist style is not for one modern family house suitable?

The severity of the concrete facade is loosened up by the glass insert

white concrete blocks rock garden lay out ideas palms grass

Cacti and palm trees bring an exotic touch to the rock garden

Rock garden cacti evergreen succulents facades recessed lights

The house facade is characterized by the rigor of the geometric shapes

Window exposed concrete wall windbreak summer glass insert facade

Modern minimalist architecture – single family home in Mexico

modern recessed garden path original idea window openings

Modern minimalist architecture – two-story house with a flat roof

Glass small narrow window sunlight indoor concrete elements