Modern semi-detached house with roof terrace offers comfortable living

Melbourne semi-detached architecture-modern

Located in Fitzroy, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, this 2-in-1 residence is hiring modern semi-detached house which consists of two single-family houses built together and designed in a uniform manner. The house offers comfortable living on 3 levels and is still for sale.

Modern semi-detached house in Melbourn

Flat roof house exterior wall-white window design minimalist

The concept for modern semi-detached house was based on the Bauhaus style. Each of the two houses has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, balcony. There is also a spacious living, cooking and dining area in loft style, as well as a modern roof terrace and inner courtyard. The facade was designed with maximum transparency.

Modern semi-detached house with inner courtyard

House facade glass cladding glazing inner courtyard seating group

Inside, the combination of natural colors gives each room an elegant and cheerful charm. With the white base, the living space remains bright despite the dark floor color and has an activating and cheering effect.

Modern semi-detached house with roof terrace offers great living 

House with roof terrace-modern rattan furniture set

The warm brown is used as the basic tone. Brown brings depth, warmth and cosiness and offers the perfect stage for strong contrasts. The furniture is rather discreet, in neutral tones. Individual pieces, eye-catchers or presentations bring colors into the house and give the room personality. The interior designers brought a rustic flair into the house with accessories and decorations.

Modern semi-detached house – renovation

Modern furnishing 2-in-1 semi-detached house

The brick walls are back. But much more as a decorative element of interior design than load-bearing structures. You can see these everywhere in the house. A special furnishing feature is reminiscent of the retro style – the use of brick walls and industrial-inspired living elements.


2 in 1 residence in Melbourne

Modern decor-White walls-Ceiling lighting-Sofa set high ceiling

A neutral background – white wall enables a strong color contrast to the dark floor. Metallic elements give the living space an industrial-inspired touch

2 former houses connected in one structure

Living room loft style duplex modern pendant lights

Contrasting color areas in the open living room

Wood floor lacquer living ideas modern lights

Two-family house in loft style

Brick wall wall decoration ideas modern industrial chic floor wood

Rustic brick wall and stylish accessories

Bedroom furnishings-windows mini-flooring brown warm

House floor plans

Modern family house floor plan