Modern pool house design in Australia with natural shading

pool house design wood terrace glass doors steel framed

This modern Pool house design was built by Artillery for a customer in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It takes advantage of the natural shade from a nearby elm tree, as well as climbing plants and shrubs that surround the pool house.

Pool house design by Artillery architectural firm

modern pool house shade elm tree glass walls

The architecture of the pool house has been carefully adapted to the surroundings. The structure was built of steel, with steel framed doors. Zinc cladding covers the outside by making it look like a fitting extension of the main house.

Pool house design made of steel and glass

Pool house design private fully opening doors

The doors open fully so that they serve for easy transition between the indoor and outdoor areas.

Interior design of the pool house

interior design pool house design large-format floor tiles gray

The private pool house design lies under an existing elm tree, which it uses as natural shade. In addition, the skeleton of the pergola is slowly enveloped by a creeper, which will fill the cavities with greenery to create more natural shade.

Steel construction and glass folding doors

pool house australia private steel construction sliding doors

Artillery architects were also commissioned to design the interior of the main house (including the original house and a new addition by Jackson Clements Burrows). The owners ‘and designers’ love for wood is expressed here.

Wooden deck and seat cushions

pool house design wooden deck seat cushions main house

The nicest part of the design process was working with the owners who combined design, passion and knowledge. Her collection of extraordinary furniture and art pieces, collected during her travels abroad, fill the rooms within the houses. These pieces make the room lively and full of love.

      natural shade from the elm pool house design natural shading tree creepers fence

Glass walls and floor lights

pool house wooden terrace elm tree shading glass walls door

Skeleton canopy for climbing plants

private pool house skeleton pergola steel construction

Lighting from the pool house

private pool house artillery design elm tree shade canopy

Climbing plants and shrubs surround the house

pool house australia artillery architectural firm elm tree