Modern house with flat roof, garden and pool in Sao Paolo

Modern architecture-Brazil concrete buildings-natural stone cladding exterior wall

The “Planalto” House with a flat roof and open floor plan is a great example of modern urban architecture from Brazil. The design by the Brazilian architecture firm FC Studio consists of 2 building volumes. One building with a rectangular floor plan is oriented vertically on the other building with a slightly longer front. But the building hardly appears monilithic. The reinforced concrete construction has been given visual lightness through the use of wood and glass elements.

“Planalto” by FC Studio – exclusive concrete house with flat roof

Concrete concrete house building structure roof terrace sun loungers garage

The lower structure offers a shady place for parked cars and also serves as a support element. Metal posts running parallel to the street underline this function. A House with a flat roof has one big advantage – the generous ceiling area that serves as a terrace.

House with flat roof in a top location near Sao Paulo

Planalto Modern house, night lighting, pool, lawn, well-kept

FC Studio developed the idea of ​​defining 2 independently functioning areas of life without having to visually separate them. The functional areas are located on the two floors. 800 square meters of comfortably furnished living space is available on 2 levels.

The house opens to the garden through floor-to-ceiling sliding elements

Flat roof house pool garden area-open facade design concrete house

Private rooms are on the upper floor. The house entrance leads through an approximately 1.80 m long corridor into the main living room. There is also an indoor pavilion and a barbecue area for relaxation. Large sliding doors allow sunlight to flood the living space

Strict geometry made from living materials

Main room wooden floor-glass railing Planalto-Haus Sao Paolo-FCstudio Design

The windows are opened as wide as possible to the view. Natural materials concrete, wood, steel, give the room texture and transparency, as well as a feeling for optical depth and lightness. The interior is characterized by material contrasts between the smooth concrete and warm wood tone. Small details create a pleasant atmosphere.

Photos by: Nelson Kon

Wood visually warms up the room

Living room in the loft style-wood furniture-suspended ceiling beige color scheme

Color and material contrasts determine the look in the living room

Frameless floor-to-ceiling glazing-living room concrete wall-plaster interior wall

Terrace cladding and loungers made of wood add to the modern look

Concrete house wooden floor roof deck loungers Bangkirai

The materials used create elegant contrasts with one another

Planalto House Hallway Design FCstudio Brazil Light Design

Planalto House – different views

Open Floor Plan Alto Brazil House

House modern-floor plan views-planalto brazil architecture

Sao-Paolo House FC-Studio floor plan

Planalto Residenz room layout modern house