Modern house with a classic style from The Cross Interior Design

Mirror-in-wood frame dining table chandelier

Ravenwoods Drive is a modern house with classic facility located in Vancouver, Canada. The team of architects from The Cross Interior Design used classic, sometimes typically retro furniture in modern rooms. What strikes you at first glance are the comfortable corners when you want to read, have brunch, enjoy the beautiful music on the piano or leaf through your newspaper in front of the fireplace.

Modern house with luxurious furnishings

Living room-upholstered sofa-angular-cabinet-made of wood

A modern house with a lot of light and unity in the line of furniture equipment. High-quality parquet flooring and kitchen living room cupboards with a classic design will invite you into the living room with softly upholstered sofa beds and armchairs. Crystal chandeliers are the crowning glory of any room and round off the luxurious profile of this modern property. The modern accent is given by the open kitchen that seamlessly merges into the living area. White walls, white organza curtains and white interior blinds are beautifully combined with warm brown tones and creamy white colors. The owner is also allowed to enjoy nature, thanks to the French style revolving windows, one will share his breakfast or tea time with friends or family on the terrace.

Modern house in Vancouver fulfills children’s dreams


Where the adults have their living areas, the children should also have their space for themselves. Modern house with a play area for school and leisure activities offers the children in the family free development and use of hobbies and extra interests. You should sleep in the bedroom and promote your mental and physical development in the study and hobby room. The architects came up with a baby and child-friendly concept and put it into practice.

Carpeted wooden veranda bedroom furnishings

White high-end bed and white carpeting are the hallmarks of the chosen design


Luxuriously selected furniture creates a feeling of comfort and order

Veranda-white furniture-floor lamp-armchair-retro style

Light tones and natural materials

Armchair-with-a-pattern-upholstered-reading-corner-floor lamp

The color and pattern of wood and wooden sticks are highlighted

Side table-mirror-lame-as-decoration-flower-vase-magazines



Metal stool-kitchen island-stainless steel refrigerator

Solid wood living room cabinet-copper-set-for-tea

Piano decorative statue music block wooden floor

Royal-blue-sofa-fish-as-wall-decoration-wooden floor

Solid wood table crystal chandelier




Nursery curtains-giraffe-plush toy-kids shoes

Baby room-pink-stool-baby-bed-made-of-wood