Modern house in the forest with glass facade

House forest lighting

Located on a slope, in the middle of the forest, this little modern one House in the woods offers an excellent view thanks to the glass facade and the innovative construction. Wood was used in abundance in the construction of this superb building, which is intended for a young family’s holiday home. The natural color of the facade and the large pane doors made of glass seamlessly connect the interior with the exterior, so that the modern architecture is in harmony with the surroundings. At the same time, a flat roof was designed so that you can fully enjoy the beautiful location.

Modern house in the woods – interesting open construction


That House in the woods is surrounded by beautiful nature everywhere – from one side you can marvel at a lake, from the other side the green forest begins. Nevertheless, the location is very favorable, as the house is protected from prying eyes on all sides by green vegetation. That’s why the architects of MW Works opted for an open plan. The interior is kept as simple as possible, so that the beautiful area can better come into its own. The sun comes in abundantly through the windows and the wood makes the house look cozy. The free-standing fireplace in the living room is in the same color as the sofa and thus sets accents. The decor is simple, but still comfortable. A large corner sofa, comfortable wooden armchair and the large wall shelf are the only pieces of furniture in the living room. The bedroom is seamlessly connected to the bathroom. Puristic forms define the furniture.

House in the woods with a roof terrace


The best thing about this one House in the woods is the roof terrace, which can be reached by a metal staircase outdoors and where a beautiful view is revealed. A cozy patio area was also designed in front of the house. The wooden floor visually connects the patio with the forest. Everything looks very natural – that’s what makes this modern architecture so attractive.

Gray sofa in the living room

Living area-living room-dining room

Modern fitted kitchen

Villa modern fitted kitchen

Modern living room with floor to ceiling windows


Large freestanding bathtub

Wood bathroom freestanding bathtub

Outdoor terrace lake

House forest bedroom

Modern house with a glass facade

Glass facade-house-forest-modern-architecture

Living room with an excellent view

Cottage forest glass facade

Roof terrace and outdoor stairwell