Modern house facade with large windows and cedar wood panels

Modern house facade cedar-panel-window-facade-single-family house

This modern single family home is located in Reculver, England and is designed by the architecture studio OB Architecture. One modern house facade with alternation of large windows, cedar wood panels and white walls clad the two-story apartment in Great Britain and a double-glazed hallway in the middle of the house serves as a connection between the different rooms and parts of the house.

Modern house facade with window fronts for more daylight

Modern house facade glazing-corridor-connection-house-parts-modern

The facade of the house is designed with two enveloping elements that optically divide the house into two parts. Windows provide a large amount of light in the house and the cedar wood panels add a natural element to the facade. Between the enveloping elements there is a bright hallway with glazing, which provides additional light in the living rooms and connects the front and back of the house.

Modern house facade and large garden – a beautiful single-family house

Modern house facade single-family house-garden-lawn area

The detached house is built on a total area of ​​200 square meters and has a view of the fields of London Biggin Hill Airport. It has a garden with a large lawn and patio area with outdoor furniture for those sunny days. A kitchen and study are on the street side of the house and the dining room and spacious living room with high ceilings overlook the garden at the back of the family home. Two smaller bedrooms are upstairs above the kitchen and the study. The master bedroom is designed with an en suite bathroom and dressing room and overlooks the garden.

Modern house facade with wooden elements

Modern house facade wood cladding-cedar wood glazing

Street side of the house

Modern house facade white-wood-glass-combine-entrance

Cedar front door is in harmony with the facade


Living room with a high ceiling and a view of the garden


The glazed hallway provides daylight in the living rooms

double-glazed-hall-first floor-glass railing-view-garden

Hallway with glass roof and wooden floor

single-family house-corridor-glazing-upper floor-daylight

The large hall connects the different rooms in the house


Wooden floors and furniture create a natural feeling in the bedroom


House with modern facade at night


Modern house facade with panels made of cedar wood


Single family house with large windows and modern architecture


Floor plan of the first floor


First floor floor plan

single-family house-floor plan-second-floor-bedroom

Elevations and side elevations of the single-family house


modern-house-facade-architecture-side plan-single-family house


modern-house-facade-side-plan-single-family house

 * A project by OB Architecture.