Modern holiday villa in Namibia with an open space concept

Holiday villa naminia garden retaining wall stone-metallic facade design

Located in the middle of a peaceful oasis between acacia trees, it stretches out modern holiday villa, recently renovated by Waterfall Munting Architects. The existing house, built in the 50s of the 20th century in Klein Windhoek, Namibia, was given a modern character and shines in new splendor today.

A contemporary house in Namibia with a spacious terrace


the modern holiday villa is very quiet and provides absolute privacy. One of the goals of the renovation project was to restore contact with the surroundings and nature and create an ultimate retreat.

Living in harmony with nature


The facade looks a bit rusty and too massive – for very practical reasons. It combines low maintenance with the use of environmentally friendly materials. The special shape of the roof – the butterfly roof with its visible steel girders protrudes over the building and gives the overall impression an attractive architectural note.

The ultimate retreat

Concrete house-butterfly-roof-shape-terrace-stairs-in-the-garden-stepping stones

In contrast to the exterior, the inside of the building is extremely cozy and inviting. The plywood and stone used inside ensure warmth and comfort. Sliding glass doors reveal a wonderful view of the distant mountains and the surrounding mountains.

Geometric design house by Wasserfall Munting Architects

Metallic-facade-rusty-optics-easy-maintenance-environmentally friendly

The modern holiday villa consists of a main living room with cooking and dining areas and a lounge terrace for relaxing. The rooms are very spacious, designed in an open space concept, which offers a general view of the house from everywhere. The facility is realized with great inventiveness and sensitivity for design. The interior colors and decorations combine to create an impressive color spectacle.

Modern holiday villa in Namibia offers a clear view of the surrounding mountains


Outside you will find a beautifully landscaped garden. The terrace with the patio fits seamlessly into the surrounding landscape.

Modern residence with unique privacy


Magnificent view of the mountains


Living room-kitchen-dining area-chairs-eclectic-mix of furniture-modern



Plywood-kitchen-wall-design-red-island-pendant lights

heavy-rustic-solid wood-door-kitchen-area-plywood-walls

Environmentally friendly-living-sketch-waterfall-munting-architects



East facade-Neinung-Butterfly-Dachshund construction




Ground floor-modern-house-view-room layout