Modern front door – design a multifunctional house entrance

Wood glass natural stone slabs house entrance

The house entrance is a special area – it connects and at the same time separates the house and the garden. the modern front door therefore fulfills several functions nowadays. We try to give you an overview of the different types.

Modern front door made of glass and metal

Entrance wood metal glass door modern

At the moment, the designs that combine different materials are popular. If you have a large yard with a high fence, you can go for one modern front door choose from metal and glass. The combination is ultra-modern and very stylish, super suitable for minimalist style houses. In any case, you have to ensure good privacy protection in the garden. Combine the glass door with an effective hallway design – and welcome your guests in style!

Modern wooden front door

Front door revolving stone facade house entrance

the modern front door made of wood is a classic. In recent years, there has been a trend towards matching the front door with the rest of the architecture. If you have clad a wooden facade or a facade in natural stone panels, you can safely opt for a wooden entrance door. The wooden doors can be combined with glass elements – this gives the design a classy look. Wood and metal in strong colors look modern and inviting. The wooden door needs regular oiling and painting so that it can withstand the bad weather in winter.

Exceptional materials and designs for the modern front door

Stone slabs facade metal glass revolving door

the modern front door can sometimes be made of extraordinary materials. Some architects are pushing the trend for entrance doors made of concrete. Others use revolving doors for the house entrance. minimalist houses with abundant glazed façades will benefit from a sliding glass door.

Modern glass facade with sliding door

House garden pond lighting evening high wall

Prefabricated house with wooden door

Door cladding house entrance design ideas

Glass door with metal frame

Door glass metal light green modern facade

House entrance with glass door

design Steinweg patio create plants

Several doors open the house to the facade

Glazed garden house facade

Glass door offers views of the living area

House living room wood wall modern furniture

Extraordinary design made of concrete

Solid house minimalist rotating door modern

Glass door connects the bedroom with the balcony

modern house glass metal ideas

Stylish house front door made of solid wood

Front door revolving stone facade house entrance

Modern glass door connects the house with the garden

Door garden design ideas

minimalist door made of glass and metal

Hallway design front door modern architecture