Modern facade design – the beauty of glass curtain walls

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In the same way that people judge a book by its cover, we often judge a building by its facade. The facade of the building is the first thing you see before entering a building, and in many cases it is the last when you exit. the modern facade design and the type of facade an architect chooses plays a big role in the overall appearance of the building.

Modern facade design made of glass

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Glass facades are mostly seen on commercial buildings, but are gaining popularity in more modern homes. They let through natural light and warmth, but also cold air, especially if the waterproofing is not carried out properly.

Modern facade design and glass curtain walls

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In modern architecture, the glass curtain walls are typically a thin wall of glass, metal, or stone framed with aluminum that is attached to the outer structure of a building. The curtain wall only bears its own weight, not the load from the roof or floor of the building. It is used to protect against air and water and to reduce wind and seismic activity. Connected to the floors or pillars of the building, a curtain wall transfers horizontal loads to keep the structure stable.

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Since the glass curtain wall does not bear the load of the building, it is similar to a decorative cladding on the outside. The architects opt for glass facades on houses or buildings in order to take advantage of the picturesque view. Natural light in the interior or a modern look.

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