Modern facade cladding in reddish brown – an architect’s house in Mexico

Modern facade cladding-red-brown-panels-flat roof-house-street-side-windows

The exterior of a house is its face and is of particular importance in contemporary projects. Exterior cladding continues to have a purely practical function, namely to insulate. If passers-by stand by your house in admiration, then plastic panels are definitely considered modern facade cladding appropriate.

Modern facade cladding in reddish brown harmonises with rough concrete

Modern facade cladding-red-brown-panels-house-wall-concrete-mexico

Plastic panels are great for exterior cladding, as the material is heat-insulating and also soundproof. For this reason, such a facade design makes sense for buildings that are in large streets or roads or in places unprotected from storms. Thanks to the wide variety of designs and colors of the plastic panels, the facade can be matched to windows and doors. In addition, a modern facade cladding made of plastic panels is a beautiful shell for every house.

Modern facade cladding in reddish brown – an architect’s house in Mexico

Modern facade cladding-red-brown-panels-street-side-concrete-wall-architecture

The architects from Gracia Studio also decided on a modern facade design in reddish brown for their Casa GS project. The family home is located in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico and is on a traffic street. Adequate isolation from the environment is required.

Modern facade cladding in reddish brown 

modern-facade-cladding-red-brown-panels-concrete-wall-fence-wood-flat roof

Privacy protection is also of great importance and is the focus of the project for a young family. Rough exposed concrete and wood as well as the popular mid-century flair stand out as stylistic elements. These can be understood both in the exterior design and in the interior.

Privacy protection – rough concrete wall and thick picket fence

Modern facade cladding-red-brown-panels-concrete-wood-fence-house number

There are two terraces available – one at ground level and one on the upper floor, as well as protected parking spaces for two cars. Open planning of the interior and large-format windows convey spaciousness, and external blinds provide reasonable privacy protection.

Modern facade cladding in reddish brown and protected parking space within the property

Modern facade cladding-red-brown-panels-garage-architecture-sun protection

The property is framed by a concrete wall with a rough surface and a picket fence that allows air to pass through. Every area inside and outside the house is characterized by the rough exposed concrete in the same design. In the interior, this rough look is softened by natural parquet floors and wooden furniture in mid-century style.

Exterior design: modern facade cladding in reddish brown and terrace with foldable picket fence


Modern facade cladding in reddish brown and a ground-level terrace 


Terrace on the upper floor connected to the interior


Modern facade cladding in reddish brown, concrete and wood


Outside: modern facade cladding in reddish brown, inside: wood and rough concrete


Rough exposed concrete as a style element in modern interiors

architect's house-hall-interior-modern-concrete-parquet-floor

Floating interior staircase: half made of rough concrete, half made of wood


Walls made of rough exposed concrete and parquet floor

architect's house-interior-concrete-walls-rough-stairs-floating

Modern, open wood kitchen on the ground floor


Bathroom with simple design – parquet floors, white mosaic and mirrors

wood-parquet floor-wall cladding-bathroom-glass wall-mirror wall

Architect house with modern facade cladding in reddish brown – plan of the ground floor


Architect house with modern facade cladding in reddish brown – plan of the upper floor

modern-house-mexico-plan-floor plan-floor

* Casa GS is a project of Gracia Studio