Modern, easy-care summer house mimics its surroundings

Modern summer house on the island of Skatoz by Filter Arkiteketer from Oslo

elegant easy-care beach house

This modern Summer house is located in Skatoy, an island in the beautiful archipelago on the south coast of Norway. This exciting project included a renovation of the old residence. The original house could not be restored because its construction was completely rotten. The newly created Summer house has a modern shape that imitates the environment in an innovative way.

Environmentally friendly modern summer house

coastal wooden house in Norway

The homeowner set the standard of an easy-care Summer house. The result is a structure that mimics the island’s stones and flora. The roof was made of Sedum – on the one hand it is eco-friendly, on the other hand it offers high quality protection against the summer heat and insulation in winter. The main structure of the house consists of stone walls and wooden lining. The construction has proven to be weatherproof and easy to care for. The wooden elements on the facade age over time and look more and more natural. That Summer house has a simple geometric shape but looks much more natural thanks to the materials used.

Low-maintenance modern architecture – a summer house in Norway

easy-care beach house - wooden wall

modern seaside house - wooden wall

As often happens, the owner of the house asked for one Summer house, in which the outside and inside merge into one another. Ultimately, the beautiful area was the main reason why that Summer house was built right there. The architects faced the challenge of designing an open house with a private area. The spacious living area offers a beautiful view, while two cleverly designed volumes hide a well-protected private area with a terrace on the second floor. In this way, the easy-care summer house is an open and at the same time private residence for the summer.

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modern beach house - terrace

Stone facade in the modern, easy-care coastal house

modern exciting environmentally friendly house design - house in Norway

modern bedroom with wooden wall

environmentally friendly house design - house in Norway

Decoration in the modern beach house

modern eco friendly house design

modern white kitchen

modern house design - house in Norway

Construction plan of the easy-care beach house in Norway

Construction plan of the coastal house in Norway