Modern earth house functions as a living and working studio


Built with high demands on environmental friendliness and sustainability, the Green Studio by Fraher Architects impresses with the creativity of its concept, as well as with originality and inspiring atmosphere. Green Studio is a modern earth house, a creative office building with residential character, realized October 2013 in South East London.

Living and working studio Green by Fraher Architects


The Green Studio is opposite the Butterfly House from Fraher Architects and offers cozy and creative workspaces in a homely atmosphere. The shape and orientation of the building results from the adaptation to the natural conditions of the property. As a basis for in-depth environmental analyzes, the architects used solar radiation to allow maximum daylight into the interior and to minimize the impact on neighboring buildings.

Modern earth house with a sustainable concept

Sustainable Earth House in London Fraher Architects Office

As an exclusive and modern earth house Green Studio appears from the outside – the massive structure clad in stainless steel merges harmoniously with the surrounding nature and the communication between inside and outside is intensified by a large number of light openings. A wild green roof and several patio tubs with plants replace the lost natural habitat.

Creative interior design


The different areas were created on offset half-planes. The sister company of the Fraher + Co practice designed all the furniture. The use of high-quality materials and high-performance glazing with super insulation ensures a healthy and creative ambience. Environmentally friendly design strategy for natural ventilation is implemented in the interior design.

New concept for passive house


Green Studio is a synthesis of commercial and residential buildings and social buildings with a garden landscape and pursues a strategy for the sustainable use of natural resources. The young design-oriented architectural duo Fraher Architects aims to offer tailor-made architectural solutions and to continue to meet the most modern demands.

Pictures by: Jack Hobhouse

Green studio entrance and street facade


Interior design of the architects’ practice

Architect's office-work rooms-modern-design-drawers-hidden

Light-flooded work rooms

Skylights-triangular-modern-office-floor-design-furniture-made from-plywood

Creative lighting design creates visual tension

Railing-cable-red-design-ideas-work-space-at-home-set up



Fraher Architecrs interior design wall light work space design solutions