Modern container architecture

modern architecture with transport container

With the invention of the modern container architecture we discover new, amazing architectural possibilities. The modern transport container was invented 50 years ago and was primarily used for shipping goods. The architects later found out that the containers can also be ideal, easy-to-build systems. Today they can be beautiful vacation rentals, amazing condos, offices, or efficient home extensions. Modern container architecture transforms cheap shipping containers into stylish, luxurious buildings.

modern architecture with transport container OceanScope

The containers will be houses? Doesn’t it seem very comfortable? Actually it is modern container architecture all about comfort. The containers can be specially adapted to the needs of each customer. They can be easily stacked together, making it easy to assemble spacious living spaces. The combinations are endless. the modern container architecture is unique, inexpensive and time-saving.

Modern house architecture of transport container

modern house architecture from transport containers

modern house from container

the modern container architecture is a perfect solution for temporary homes or office buildings. The office space can be designed and fully equipped in modern, fascinating ways. The containers can be made from recycled steel, but the structures can also include ordinary building materials. Since the containers are designed to protect goods, the modern container architecture resistant to any weather, mold, termites and even a fire. The well thought-out constructions are almost indestructible.

COP 15 Pavilion Architecture

Container architecture - COP15 Pavilion

Adaptive, stylish, creative, environmentally friendly, and easy to build – the houses of the future. the modern container architecture combines all of that. It is very easy to customize luxury, but how can a container be luxurious? In fact, these containers are just the building blocks. The interior design and furnishing ideas are what makes the apartment luxurious and special. These containers allow you to expand the limits of your imagination. the modern container architecture gives us the unique opportunity to create beautiful homes that embody our own vision and understanding of life.

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Container Architecture – Bayside Marina Hotel

 Container architecture in Bayside Marina Hotel

Holiday home from transport container

Holiday home - modern container architecture

Art studio built from shipping containers

House made of transport container from BLANCHARD BTL

Architecture container studio in the forest

Container architecture plan by Art Studio

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