Modern concrete house Casa Y by F: L Architetti in the middle of nature

concrete wood house italy architecture trendy nature building materials

Casa Y is a private family house by F: L Architetti and is located in Turin, Italy. The box-like structure is made of concrete, wood and glass, which transforms it into an industrial ambience. That Concrete house is characterized by the elegance, rationality and architectural sophistication of the materials. For a whole family, the modern home in the middle of nature offers a lifestyle, away from everyday urban life and stress.

Concrete house in Italy with exceptional architecture

living room house trendy basement exposed concrete furnishing interior design

Narrow and steep stairs connect the two levels. In the basement, a central corridor divides the living areas. The garage, study, library, sauna and children’s playroom are located there. On the upper floor, there is a deliberate contrast in the furnishings between the living area and a night zone with a view of the valley on the south side. In the basement there is a narrow hallway that is illuminated with natural light thanks to the skylight. The large windows at the end of the hallway are a continuation of the skylights and offer views of the landscape. A small path made of recycled concrete formwork leads to the patio, which can be reached from all rooms. That Concrete house has horizontal sunscreen for optimal shielding.

Concrete house Casa Y in Turin – comfort for the whole family

wall cladding basement exposed concrete walls renovation bright rooms

In the architect Concrete house from Q: L Architetti building materials such as exposed concrete and steel dominate. Textures and exposed concrete walls create the character of the building and the typical features of the interior. On the lower floor, the walls are silky smooth because of the use of steel formwork in contrast to the upper floor, where they look rough and rustic thanks to the wooden formwork. Not only the walls, but also the bathtubs in the “water zone” are made of exposed concrete. The refurbished stainless steel fittings and the stone washbasin create a wonderful effect.

Narrow stairs connect the two levels

upper floor stairs concrete house interior design design trendy

Internal stairs with integrated lighting

modern narrow stairs integrated light concrete house interior design

Glass facade and decorative wooden elements

italian trendy architects house concrete wall glazing

Concrete and wood upper floor

house concrete wood building materials trendy exterior design italian

Modern Italian architecture

glass concrete house nature landscape architecture modern

Narrow hallway with natural light

hallway floor wood wall glazing trendy house exposed concrete walls

The floor in the hallway is laid with laminate

hallway trendy laminate concrete wall cladding window

Modern house made of concrete and wooden elements

house architecture italian modern landscape wood wall building materials

Indoor stairs

stairs division of living areas exposed concrete walls house modern

Bedroom with glass wall

upper floor italian house concrete glass parquet bedroom

Two-story house with a flat roof

concrete house two-story trendy architecture design nature

Wall glazing on the second floor

wall glazing wooden elements concrete house glass architecture modern

Fair-faced concrete for interior wall design

house concrete exposed concrete walls architecture narrow corridor italian

Wooden formwork from the outside

upper floor house concrete formwork boards design architecture modern

View of the house with Italian architecture

concrete house italy architecture exterior design trendy concrete

Casa Y by F: L Architetti in Italy

concrete house glass italy nature landscape architecture modern