Modern coastal home combines indoor and outdoor areas

Casa a Ravas by the Martin Gomez Arquitectos

 elegant design - blue facade

This modern Coastal home would inspire everyone who is interested in architecture and design, and especially who would like to seamlessly combine the indoor and outdoor areas. It is located in Punta del Est, Uruguay. The project was designed by Martin Gomez Arquitectos and successfully completed in 2008. The house, called ‘Casa a Raves‘, was obviously designed to provide as much fresh air as possible so that a family can fully enjoy the beautiful surroundings. It is perhaps one of the most open houses as there are minimal barriers separating the inside from the outside.

A modern coastal house – perfect for relaxing

modern swimming pool in the beach house

With the modern design, the architects pursued the goal of creating a family house for relaxation and al fresco living. The main construction of the modern one Coastal home consists of stone, metal and concrete, yet it exudes lightness. It may be due to the large terrace that was constructed with wooden supports and a bamboo roof. It is outdoors, but still covered with a protective roof. The terrace is equipped with everything you could need, including a fireplace. The house structure is typical for a Coastal home  – Large glass walls seamlessly connect the living room to the terrace. Under the terrace is a luxurious swimming pool where the whole family can sunbathe or play in the water.

Bright color scheme in modern seaside home

modern kitchen in the beach house

The decoration in the house by the Martin Gomez Arquitectos underlines the visual unity of the exterior and interior in the modern coastal house. The absolutely elegant structure contrasts with the blue and white stripes in the kitchen and on the outside walls. The linear shape of the building really comes into its own. The interior in Beach house looks fresh, bright and is very suitable for a great vacation.

by Jaz

elegant design in the beach house

blue facade from the beach house

elegant blue facade from the beach house

modern terrace with wooden floor

modern architecture - beach house with wooden floor

modern open beach house

exciting view - beach house