Modern brick houses – a lush sanctuary in the middle of nature

Just you, a few secluded modern brick houses, and one of the best surfing beaches on the Pacific coast. Surfers spend a lot of time looking for the ultimate surfing experience. It is a quest that takes many people to many remote places around the world. From the warm waters of Indonesia to the cold shores of the Arctic, there is no lifestyle like this. So much so that we are desensitized to the idea of ​​tropical waters, steamers and palm trees backgrounds.

Modern brick houses for the perfect vacation

secluded hideaway in the forest for perfect vacation modern brick houses

We present you “Casa Volta” – an ambitious residential project that includes three modern brick houses. These are found in the thick vegetation along the coast of Oaxaca. The team of architects and designers emphasizes the experience of the project, starting with the approach.

The brick house with a vaulted roof is supported by pillars at the sides

Visitors are led deep into the jungle via a small path that eventually leads to a large clearing. A long pond is flanked here by a linear arrangement of symmetrical columns that reflect the water and give the impression of an abandoned classical temple.

designer chair with side table in green in front of bedroom in the courtyard

So we have to admit that we were very impressed by this place, which is located on the Mexican coast of Puerto Escondido. These are self-sufficient and modern brick houses, which are like Lodge in the state of Oaxaca. The wonderful place is also only a few minutes’ walk away from a secluded stretch of beach, which is located a little above the capital of Puerto Escondido.

Ocean coast with surf beach and remote modern brick houses

The stretch of coast was also named one of the top destinations by the New York Times in 2017. It’s not a stroll through the park, however, which is roughly halfway between Mexico City and the southern border with Guatemala. What you get when you get there is a coastal retreat that’s pretty secluded from the rest of the public and has one of the best beaches for surfing in Mexico that’s all to you.

Great concept for nature lovers

relaxation area by the pool with loungers and three modern brick houses

The Ambrosi Etchegaray team follows a strict order, as the ‘Casa Volta’ is organized on a rectangular floor plan. This is accordingly divided into six rectangular zones. The zones consist of three open courtyards and two rooms, which are occupied by the private, air-conditioned areas and are covered by vaults.

Outside area with kitchen island made of brick and stool made of wood

A third vaulted room houses the kitchen as well as the living and dining area, which remain semi-closed and are always open to the natural breeze and filtered sunlight. The narrow, centralized pool is an expression of the coastal region and reminds you that the sea is only about 1 kilometer away.

brick facade and entrance area with sliding doors

The design and the materiality of Casa Volta are strongly influenced by the proximity to the Casa Wabi Foundation by Tadao Ando. The famous artists’ commune offers unused brick remnants from their construction, which can be recycled as building materials.

water between two brick buildings with plants

This concept led to the use of bricks for modern brick houses over a clay pigmented concrete structure. While the water element cools the courtyards, the open vaults and reed lattice allow the wind to flow freely through the enclosed spaces. Together, these elements create an atmosphere of warmth and freshness.

Modern brick houses in a dream vacation spot

spacious bedroom with double bed and ceiling made of bricks rustic design

Modern brick houses like this one can accommodate 4 people. They consist of two lodges designed by the renowned architecture firm. The house also responds to the organic mix between the parts of the region and the vegetation that surrounds it, the description says.

cozy ambience in the outside area of ​​a vacation villa in mexico made of brick

According to the owners, Casa Volta was born as an inspiration from the old Italian vaulted houses. These invite their visitors to a new space among themselves. So the architects designed a fresh and cozy brick home where you can spend some spectacular days and enjoy the nearby beach.

gorgeous villa with vaulted brick roofs and a long pool next to the ocean

You can now book a stay at Casa Volta for around 240 EUR per night. That’s a bargain if you ask us. Prices change with the season, but we’re talking Mexico after all, so you’ll likely have pretty good surfing weather all year round.

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Floor plan for modern brick houses called casa volta on the coast of the ocean